Thursday, 12 July 2018

XXIII Continuing with text of la Dillon

Total Relaxation Hypnosis 1 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 12.VIII.2014

"mindless" - hmm - no

But got some nice trance first - except it is a bit of a strain on the eyes to have them open all during it.

And funny enough, after writing above got back to video and into trance again - but won't be here in an hour ...

It's a cyber.

Also, no headphones ...

Next day
As said, I was not acessing internet one hour after the (interrupted, resumed and headphoneless) session. I quit the cyber and did not go back same evening.

I did get down to a meadow where I could potentially enjoy an hour of bliss - actually it was not so much wakeful emptiness and bliss as gliding in and out of trance and when shutting eyes reviewing parts of video - spiral around "sleep now" and so on.

After perhaps an hour, I did feel refreshed and started sewing, I think I did fairly unexpectedly well - the emptiness was not in fact a total emptiness of mind, but a relative emptiness of mind content, opening me to a new solution on sewing.

Alas, later relexation led to self abuse, since not alert enough to resist. Thought of a girl I love (more or less), not of you. But that took some decision.

I reflected more than once, if I loved God's words as much as I took pleasure in yours, yesterday, and today again, I'd be praying very well.

Today, after changing place when begging, I was exhausted by having work too early, and whenever I tended to close my eyes, I was for a moment back in the video.

I think, this is detail enough to show, you did a thorough job, perhaps I'll see video later with headphones, but your text and spiral did some work even without that.

And it was a relief to note that I could break off the video, when it included a suggestion against my conscience.

If ever I do get a hypnotist (though for relaxation a relative who knows it would be fine, and I don't know any therapeutic object beyond compensating stress and lacks of sleep), first thing to ask would be : "has someone recently snapped out of trance because you said sth they felt bad about" - if the answer is "yes" it means they are not taking too strong a hold on the subjects.

Hypnolag - forgot one of the digits of my library card's code, and couldn't connect to looking up the number, which differed on one point.

After weekend:

Each day, going back into trance, not exclusively to your words, but very predominantly, has been kind of a lifeline to get sufficient rest, to cram sufficient repose into too little time for repose.

I also did some other autohypno stuff, including the no eyelids suggestion ...

Considering to watch this again, this evening, but this time with headphones, or to go on to next video.

previous, first:

induction 1

Like again, but won't dislike, so this is both liking and commenting.

induction 2

Liked again but not per button. I watched this time directly after first induction, I feel a little "groggy" and it feels pleasant.

Take this as a like.

And to prevent me from immediately rewatching the first main video, I'm down for a coffee!

Done, might as well say, I am breathing deeper generally, by getting - more than one hour per day - in and out of trance, mainly to your words (and some more, as said).

video 3, see link above

Watched again, and during one hour, I was in good form for debates and for anything that came across.

Including this video:

Why I Left an Evangelical Cult | Dawn Smith | TEDxNatick
TEDx Talks | 6.III.2018

What a cult she left - except there is one worse cult, the one called "society in general" ... if anyone hoped seeing this video and recalling a similar childhood would "make me think" - well, no, because I have no very similar childhood to recall.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

XXII - Text Hypnosis after Too Little Sleep

Videos by Stephanie Dillon

Hypnotic Induction 1 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 10.VIII.2014

Hypnotic Induction 2 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 11.VIII.2014

Watched both,
order II, then I, then II again, after a night with too little sleep in a library where there was no sound, and without headphones.


II a
I didn't watch the first video first, only this second.

Less dead tired than before (was subject to sleep privations this night).

Saw this after second, noticed the trigger you planted ... and am still tired ...

II b
Watched it again after first ... still tired, but felt nice to be "down" a bit.

And shared with probably more than one person by blogging it:

It can be noted that the hypno blog had been read by 21 from Russia last week, but none from Russia last 24 hours.

Sleep privations may have been planned ...


Saturday, 30 June 2018

XXI - Reaction to Alicia's Fidget Spinner

Alicia Fairclough | 20.V.2017

[In video, a posthypnotic suggestion to type the word joy in comments, full capitals, as JOY]


Saw vid under non-ideal conditions, in a public library. Did not dare to close eyes first two times, closed them third time.

Hence, somewhat diluted effect - however, when out, went back in my mind to moments in video, and ended up writing JOIE in the sand in that park too.

I definitely did not feel forced to write joy, just it would not have made much sense not to ...

Thursday, 28 June 2018

XX - Resuming Journal 2018

Week after St John the Baptist, starting:

Monday : last video after I turn off my youtube connection a hypno video.

Getting from Ivry to inside Paris, I decide to "go down" and count stations so as to wake up in time for changing the train.

I was a few stations in, decided there were thirteen ... woke up after "nine/ten" which turned out to be eight, then went down for five more of them.

Not down as completely asleep, but reducing attention to all except - counting the times the train bleeped, closed doors and went off.

Tried the same on the other train, and decided a change when I woke ... after being at Nanterre University Library, short time, and picknicking, I went onto another train, and after another picknick, I used a countdown to go to sleep. Alas, as often with a first autohypnosis, pscc.

Tuesday : clearly awake and doing stuff, like some sewing, I had been putting off. Also ate too sweet.

Wednesday : was in a bad shape after eating too sweet the night before, went to a park at probably no later than 10:15, woke up at probably no earlier than 11:30 or 11:45. What had I been doing? A countdown from 377 to, when I broke off, 190.

Was that all? No, I checked, that would have been 28 seconds per number, so, I must have been doing some dozing off too. I didn't recall actually waking up as from sleep, just waking up as from trance and counting, bc I got tired of it.

Watched some hypno videos when I had a chance, but broke off - bc cyber owner was talking to guys somewhat loudly.

Tried to do a countdown while going asleep, fell asleep before counting very much.

Thursday : doing some more hypnovideos, including this one:

Monika Hypnotized: Suggestibility Tests & Induction
Hypnotized Girls Videos | 26.III.2018

Watching without sound, just seeing the girl (not a top model, but pretty).

Continued after posting above and putting link below video. Breathed in time with her, relaxed myself too - though not closing my eyes and not dropping the head, nor laughing. Watching someone hypnotised tends to have at least some hypnotic effect.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

XIX Personal Hypno Dictionary

This little hypno-dictionary does not claim to be exhaustive, but to reflect the usage I have made and will make of certain words, which may not be commonly known outside hypnotic expertise and amateurs. Whatever might be wrong is my misunderstanding, but at least if I misunderstood a term, with this dictionary, one will not need to misunderstand my misunderstandings.

alpha state

See trance.


A number is chosen from which numbers are counted down to one. Since ine is a non-arbitrary limit, this gives an impression of necessity to what is intended to be achieved:

  • into trance
  • into sleep
  • out of trance (along with appropriate suggestions)

If instead a count-up is chosen, the number one will reach must be told in advance for same effect. Unless it is going to sleep (counting sheep would be an indeterminate count-up).


The strength of suggestions to alter a state of mind depends at least to some degree on expectation.

This is true when suggestions are used in induction, or when they are used afterwards (deepening of trance, post-hypnotc, therapeutic, etc).

eye-lid glue

Mental image if impossibility in the present of opening your eyes along with a degree of relxation at which the eye-lids cannot in fact be opened - without spoiling at least some of the relaxation.

Verifying the eye-lid glue means subject / self trying to open eye-lids and either feeling a complete block ("excellent eye-lid glue") or at least more effort than usual while awake - or, if just opening eye-lids, one can speak of no eye-lid glue at all.

hypno glue, hypno magnet

See eye-lid glue, but not always for just eye-lids (with "magnets" more like hands, fingers).

hypno glutton

Glutton of alpha state or of trance, due to its being pleasant.

In extreme cases, one could speak of hypno junkie.

hypno video

  • A video meant as an induction or series of suggestions in order to hypnotise viewer:

  • or, a video featuring someone getting hypnotised.

The latter can strengthen the expectation (q. v.) part, and empathy with subject involves, esp. in induction (q. v.) a kind of "collateral hypnosis".


Passive or self active process of reaching trance.

Active or self active process of putting a subject other than self or oneself into trance.

May make use of suggestions (q. v.) of hypno glue, especially initially eye-lid glue, and of countdowns and stepdowns.

self, subject

In auto-hypnosis, self is both hypnotist and subject, in hetero-hypnosis hypnotist is putting subject into trance.


When a count-down is combined with mental image (eyes closed) stepping down in stairs or on a ladder or whatever.


A word meant to help induction or to be "received" while in trance.

In the case of hypno videos, you can check beforehand (sound off, image scrolled up so only subtitles show, frequent stopping) what the suggestions are and therefore make an enlightened choice on whether to watch the hypno video or not.


State of consciousness focussed on something and lessening awareness of surroundings, which on an electro-encephalogram (electrodes measuring brain waves, which in nature are among perhaps other things, electric or electromagnetic) would show as a pattern of waves called alpha-waves, sometimes deeper trance involves other patterns for instance I think theta waves (checked : hippocampal theta waves occur while running or in REM sleep) : it means the electric currents run at different frequencies in your brain from "normal", neither like wide awake nor like deep sleep, but closer to (for theta waves identic to) REM sleep. The alpha state is generally present between the full REM sleep when you dream and the full wakening and is helpful in recalling your dream (?).

The states of trance is at least lightly touched when reading a book or in prayer, due to repetitive traits of these actions, and due to focussing on sth which is felt worth focussing on.

It is usually also present right before falling asleep.


Any mental image, these are usually stronger and closer to full sensory clarity when in trance.

Step-downs, eye-lid glue and other hypno magnets are visualisations, but not the only ones.

q. v.

Quod vide. Means : which look up / go and look it up.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

XVIII What I would NOT want Hypnosis Used for

Blog 37 (of those visible to others, one is a draft blog which is not yet presented), and message 18. A creepy number.

If you know the kind of suggestion after which subject has 11 fingers on both hands because one number was forgotten, I would not want to forget number 5 - as in the five mysteries of each third of the Rosary or the five pebbles of King David against Goliath.

I would also not want to find myself counting to 8 fingers, because I repeated 6 twice before going on. Obviously.

I would not want to forget my name, still less to be made to act as if having another one.

I would not want to be made to fall in love, even temporarily, with a man, or when I am in love with someone, with someone else.

I would very obviously not want total slave control.

So, there are things hypnosis can be abused for, some seriously abused any way you look at it, some clearly beyond what I would like.

But I also tend to think, since alpha state is a part of normal life, it would be bad to try to "vaccinate against it" too. One time I wondered if Mark of the Beast was a hypnotic state, one time more recently I wondered if a "vaccine against hypnosis" could be it (and could explain "will find no rest neither night nor day").

So, I would also not want to be hypnotised against being able to be hypnotised.

I would also not consider someone as a witch worthy of death penalty just for practising hypnosis (abortion is quite another matter).

In this, I agree, probably, with the Spanish Inquisitor who ended witch burning after the ones in 1610, Zugarrumurdi. 18 persons had repented, 6 had been burned, 5 had escaped and were burned in effigie. After that the Inquisitor following up came to ask whether features of witchcraft as confessed were even possible to the Devil (i e changing someone's body to that of an animal for instance), so he concluded it was imagination - i e hypnosis.

This means, he considered hypnosis in and of itself not worthy of death penalty.

Some guys (like the judges in Salem) might differ. Some could try to make a market for "vaccine against hypnosis" and I hope I would not take it.

But generally, I think Mark of the Beast would be other things, like RFid Chip or things. Or perhaps, certain ideological habits of thought and acting./HGL

XVII Updates After Good Friday to 6.V.2017

Have been doing very fine as to getting to sleep, often doing without hypno craving, but getting myself a moderate dose of it* through out April, usually by auto before going to bed, either leaving it to God or allowing Katherine Anne or Alicia Fairclough to step in.

Night to Easter Monday, it led to so great relaxation, when waking up, I abused myself.

On Easter Monday I did listen to Alicia Fairclough's rapid induction :

Can you be hypnotised with a rapid induction?
Alicia Fairclough

And while it was very comforting, I am concerned it contained a factual untruth, even if not a doctrinal heresy.

I am not respected by everybody, even if later that day it actually helped me to have felt that way.

But shows level of what I can "swallow" without criticism is a bit too malleable. I didn't jerk out of trance when she said everyone respects me. Watched some more Fairclough, but not a hypno one, and am glad I heard of her trouble using hypnosis for relaxation, and taking to sensory deprivation tank instead. Every weakness is welcome, as reminding me, however much anyone of these may help me, they are human, not goddesses, and need my prayers, in a general way.**

Have not been coming back to full regularity of Rosary. But have been praying it on and off, most weeks at least some days.

Have been entrusting my alpha state (esp before going to sleep) explicitly to God. Asking Him to repair what needs repair and maintain what needs to be maintained in me, rather than trying some repair on my own judgement.

Was prevented from watching this one:

Hypnosis for sleep - Creativity Boost ASMR POV (Female Hypnotist - Pocket watch induction)
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

Except first minutes.

Was later glad, since it was not meant to wake up from, like the two others, but to "consume" before going to sleep. Left comment:

I was nearly going to watch this in a non-home setting, where I would not be able to go to sleep after the session.

Later I watched parts of text (subtitles, sound off), tried to adapt it to my self hypno sessions (trains or "bed").

Sitting from porch was a great visualisation.

Later watched more (subtitles, sound off), and reacted against "rag doll" and discarded the video from my program.

Last few nights, tried a lucid dream technique for going to sleep : after "eyelid glue" (if you know what I mean), I visualised a mirror, putting my hand through it, finding myself in starry space (alternative, it may be on a lake, finding myself seeing stars and night with waves coming out from a centre) and going on from there to - sleep and dream.

Took two tries at rewatching Katherine Anne, yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I was very interrupted by someone who was loud beside me in cyber café, today less so, since they only got loud beneath.

After rewatching interactive induction:

Interactive Induction

(interrupted yesterday, less so today, as said), I watched also (today):

Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....

before going on to non-hypno videos.

When leaving and after train, I felt some eyelid "irritation" (not itching, but "itching to drop", if you know what I mean).

Was before train feeling somewhat depressed or oppressed, and wondering whether this was spiritually dangerous.

Decided to leave it to God.

Under second of Katherine Anne ones, left this remark, replying to one question not previously answered by me which she had posed in video:

Hair style ... Mary Poppins? Btw, would you mind going through the books of P. L. Travers and see which ones of the "magical" experiences would be possible to experience by hypnosis? Could you make someone think he and you were floating in the air just under the ceiling, as long as you were laughing? I am asking, because I wonder whether that was what PLT experienced with Gurdjeff - much nearly "a monk" but who went into yoga and possibly hypnosis too.

And misspelled Gurdjieff as Gurdjeff, when doing so.

Other indication of this making me perhaps a bit distracted, I found more money in my pocket when leaving the city where I had been watching videos, than I thought I had, and yesterday I had missed some money which I had thought I had. Hypnotised twice to give and receive money and forget about it and about hypnotist each time? That is one of the situations I was wondering about in this post:

IX quora : If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

While I think these ladies are doing some real good, I also think it is sad the times are so stressful they are needed./HGL


* Or what I take to be moderate. I might be a hypno glutton.

** In a general way : I am wary about praying for too specific things, which might be totally what they least need or want.


Here is an example of real situations being so stressful - and there come many of them - that I am driving to resort to hypnosis for extra rest and calm:

Library computer had all movements ultra slow and mouse click and bluing jumping - after a night woken up just after falling back to sleep after having left bank locale to pee. And after that, new place I was kept awake and was too full in the stomach to enter a hypnotic state, was awake some hours more, one or two at least.

It is not as if I had been lacking sleep due to endogenic insomnia, it is about being woken up. Perhaps in some places and times by people wanting me to seek out hypnotic relief.