Wednesday, 11 July 2018

XXII - Text Hypnosis after Too Little Sleep

Videos by Stephanie Dillon

Hypnotic Induction 1 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 10.VIII.2014

Hypnotic Induction 2 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 11.VIII.2014

Watched both,
order II, then I, then II again, after a night with too little sleep in a library where there was no sound, and without headphones.


II a
I didn't watch the first video first, only this second.

Less dead tired than before (was subject to sleep privations this night).

Saw this after second, noticed the trigger you planted ... and am still tired ...

II b
Watched it again after first ... still tired, but felt nice to be "down" a bit.

And shared with probably more than one person by blogging it:

It can be noted that the hypno blog had been read by 21 from Russia last week, but none from Russia last 24 hours.

Sleep privations may have been planned ...



  1. 10 juil. 2018 17:00 – 17 juil. 2018 16:00

    France 23
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    Portugal 2
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