Thursday, 12 July 2018

XXIII Continuing with text of la Dillon

Total Relaxation Hypnosis 1 (Text)
Stephanie Dillon | 12.VIII.2014

"mindless" - hmm - no

But got some nice trance first - except it is a bit of a strain on the eyes to have them open all during it.

And funny enough, after writing above got back to video and into trance again - but won't be here in an hour ...

It's a cyber.

Also, no headphones ...

Next day
As said, I was not acessing internet one hour after the (interrupted, resumed and headphoneless) session. I quit the cyber and did not go back same evening.

I did get down to a meadow where I could potentially enjoy an hour of bliss - actually it was not so much wakeful emptiness and bliss as gliding in and out of trance and when shutting eyes reviewing parts of video - spiral around "sleep now" and so on.

After perhaps an hour, I did feel refreshed and started sewing, I think I did fairly unexpectedly well - the emptiness was not in fact a total emptiness of mind, but a relative emptiness of mind content, opening me to a new solution on sewing.

Alas, later relexation led to self abuse, since not alert enough to resist. Thought of a girl I love (more or less), not of you. But that took some decision.

I reflected more than once, if I loved God's words as much as I took pleasure in yours, yesterday, and today again, I'd be praying very well.

Today, after changing place when begging, I was exhausted by having work too early, and whenever I tended to close my eyes, I was for a moment back in the video.

I think, this is detail enough to show, you did a thorough job, perhaps I'll see video later with headphones, but your text and spiral did some work even without that.

And it was a relief to note that I could break off the video, when it included a suggestion against my conscience.

If ever I do get a hypnotist (though for relaxation a relative who knows it would be fine, and I don't know any therapeutic object beyond compensating stress and lacks of sleep), first thing to ask would be : "has someone recently snapped out of trance because you said sth they felt bad about" - if the answer is "yes" it means they are not taking too strong a hold on the subjects.

Hypnolag - forgot one of the digits of my library card's code, and couldn't connect to looking up the number, which differed on one point.

After weekend:

Each day, going back into trance, not exclusively to your words, but very predominantly, has been kind of a lifeline to get sufficient rest, to cram sufficient repose into too little time for repose.

I also did some other autohypno stuff, including the no eyelids suggestion ...

Considering to watch this again, this evening, but this time with headphones, or to go on to next video.

previous, first:

induction 1

Like again, but won't dislike, so this is both liking and commenting.

induction 2

Liked again but not per button. I watched this time directly after first induction, I feel a little "groggy" and it feels pleasant.

Take this as a like.

And to prevent me from immediately rewatching the first main video, I'm down for a coffee!

Done, might as well say, I am breathing deeper generally, by getting - more than one hour per day - in and out of trance, mainly to your words (and some more, as said).

video 3, see link above

Watched again, and during one hour, I was in good form for debates and for anything that came across.

Including this video:

Why I Left an Evangelical Cult | Dawn Smith | TEDxNatick
TEDx Talks | 6.III.2018

What a cult she left - except there is one worse cult, the one called "society in general" ... if anyone hoped seeing this video and recalling a similar childhood would "make me think" - well, no, because I have no very similar childhood to recall.

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