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IX quora : If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

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If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

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Specifically : if one is sleeping outside, one is of course exposed to other people when going to sleep.

Cat Wilson
Do it. Teach it.
Written Jan 14
Stranger than what? (smile) Sorry, couldn't resist. We know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. How you naturally do it is how you created your response. Hypnosis requires:

  • permission
  • ability to follow instructions
  • process that fits you
  • sufficient time.

The person who feels safe with a Hypnotherapist may confidently let go and relax.

When you practice shooting a ball into a basket you get good at making baskets. Not so strange anymore … unless a clown with a bouquet of balloons walks by.



Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 14
Good first question, since I was not referring to a chosen hypnotherapist.

Like a stranger in the street or sth else, or perhaps sn one has met.

And I mean sn who could also induce forgetting the hypnotism, if so.

Michael DeBusk
Hypnotist since 1993
Written Jan 12
I think so. One of the easiest inductions I ever did was with a girl who was an avid meditator.

“Oh! So you already know how to go into a trance,” I said.

“Yes, I guess I do,” she responded.

“Then all I have to do is wait,” I told her. “When you begin now, I’ll join you.”

She went deeper than anyone I've worked with. She knew how, you see. She'd been there many times and was good at it. I needed only get out of her way.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 13
First, thank you for answering.

Second, the situation is somewhat different, since she had agreed to be hypnotised by you.

I meant like stealth hypnosis by strangers taking advantage of seing me at sleep or going to sleep or things like that.

Derry Cooke
Certified hypnotherapist in private practice since 2015.
Written Jan 14
All things being otherwise equal, then 'Yes!'

Hypnosis is a consent process and like any other skill, practice improves performance.

The rapport between hypnotist and subject and the expectations of the subject are more important determinants of the ease andquality of the hypnotic engagement.

Ellen Roepert
recreational hypnotist and subject
Written Jan 12
Yes and no. If you have practiced self hypnosis, then you know how to easily go into trance, with or without help. You also know how to wake up from trance, and how suggestions work on you.

That means you will find it easier to go into trance with any other hypnotist, and that you will find it easier to not go into trance, or wake up, when you don’t want to go into trance right now, because you don’t trust the hypnotist for example.

[Updated:] Hans-Georg Lundahl: If you’re asleep, you will not be hypnotised by anyone. You’re asleep, you can’t hear what they are saying.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
“If you’re asleep, you will not be hypnotised by anyone. You’re asleep, you can’t hear what they are saying.”

I meant first asleep, then woken up, then hypnotised while too groggy to resist or get angry.

Also, not quite true about light REM sleep?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
[comment linking to this post.]

Ellen Roepert
Why do you copy Quora to a blogger?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Why not?

Gives a neat oversight over each dialogue?

If you did not want any reproduced, you should have added the words “not for reproduction”.

I link back to quora (which is the quoran rules’ condition for reproducing) and also correctly attribute all contributions not my own.

V Requested
Alba Alamillo
Certified Hypnotherapist since 2006, I have a successful practice in the SF Area
Written Jan 15
I practice self-hypnosis, I know it’s super safe and even good because I feel great afterwards. If I go to a hypnotherapist because I want to be hypnotized, my knowledge about hypnosis will allow me relax, let go and cooperate. Assuming that I trust the person.

I have a super cute anecdote.

Hypnosis is so safe that one day I was teaching my son (maybe 10 at a time) how to hypnotize me. I said: “Son, you have to ask me to stare at a spot above eye level and tell me that my eyelids are getting heavy and when you see me kind of yawning I’m ready, then you tell me to lie down, close my eyes and then you only say nice things, like the ones that I say to you when I hypnotize you, but you have to adapt them to an adult woman”

ok, and off he went with the induction and then he asked me to lie down and relax my body, then he wasn’t sure what to say, what kind of nice things to say so after thinking for a while he said:

“and you are with your friends and family, and all the people who love you, and you are in a party, and in this party the food is ready and someone serves you and you eat and enjoy and you have fun with your friends and there are a lot of waiters bringing plates and taking them away, and they bring you your favorite food, and you are very happy because this time you don’t have to clean the kitchen…”

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 16
I believe you.

The problem is, can self hypnosis have been abused by strangers I had not invited to do hypnotherapy for a fast induction, and following amnesia of hypnosis?

Especially in situations where I have been exposed to sleep privations.

Rusty Metty
Technical Consultant - UX
Written Jan 13
No. It depends on the hypnosis skills of the stranger. Hypnosis works on everyone. The stranger will need to accurately gauge the degree to which your conscious mind Protects your subconscious mind from suggestion. if you are able to self hypnotize there may be no need to seek a stranger With these skills.

Richie Aitoro
Hypnotist, writer, consultant and lover of change work.
Written Jan 13
Not necessarily unless you want to be.

Umair Usman
I developed the 'cognitive consulting' framework
Written Jan 12
In my experience they are totally different things

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