Thursday, 30 March 2017

II Katherine Anne Update!!...and a little covert hypno....


Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....


She does say sth about sleeping first and only day after that telling what happened.

My comments:

March 25:

OK, I am perhaps not sure you wanted all the details the day after a night's sleep, but here we go.

The dirty stuff first. Some people go to whores and get drunk first. I sometimes use self hypnosis in a similar manner before self satisfaction - which comes unplanned and I was stinking all the morning and still need to wash some after I already did my laundry.

Now, the things you might be more interested in - as a hypnotist. I saw the video three times over, and had already seen that Christmas gift video. As you might imagine, the thought of dreaming you met me on the street and hypnotised me was not just running in the back of my head unconsciously. I was seeing foreward to it. I can tell you more about my day dreams than about my night dreams, because my sleep got disturbed by someone, and I woke up with too little sleep.

Here we go, changing "me" and "you" to HGL and KA.

HGL : [strolling on a sunny street in summer through otherwise unidentified street, empty except for ...]
KA : [shows up, waves]
HGL : Oh, it's Katherine Anne! I'm zonked!
KA: What do you mean zonked? I haven't started yet? HGL : Some criminals see the police and say "I'm fried" before they are ...
KA : Oh, in that sense?
HGL : Yea, you probably came to zonk me, and if so, I am zonked.
KA : You can say that again [smirk]
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : I want to hear it again [catches my eyes]
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : [touches me on arm] Next time you say that, you really are.
HGL : OK? [feeling arm being moved]
KA : Now say it.
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : [snaps finger, drops my arm] sleeeeeep.

And as I day dreamed about it, I went down a bit more.

March 26

After second night. Found a place I thought would be quiet, even so got my sleep disturbed.

The morning I had a queezy day dream about Cercone being involved in zonking me out.

I'd prefer you, even if you are less experienced in the "hypnotose my room mate" thing.

Now, back to the evening. Went out a time or two even before last moment of closure, so just woke up to see one of two girls enter and talk to her. Then went out pretty quickly, not doing much, rolling eyeball so as to "look at skull from inside" had eyelids fall quickly, went out soon after that.

Dream one : farewell to the Dawn Treader. Lots of episodes involving the Pevensies, think I remember Peter and Lucy from the last cast (Walden media). Not sure where I came in myself, if I did.

Dream two : cutting out pieces of human flesh (my own, perhaps not exclusively) and wrapping them around cannon balls, shooting at Putin.

Don't know where pieces of human flesh come from, but am against Putin in real and wake life too. As a "reactionary" he's so inferior to the reactionaries I do like or admire. Even Mussolini whom I like more than I admire, had banned abortion in Italy after four years in power, and in the years up to Matteotti case at least did not depend in secret services.

Putin made his carreer in secret services, while Mussolini was a poor man and a syndicalist.

Dreams about meeting you in street and you hypnotising me : dreams as opposed to day dreaming before going to sleep, none.

Torrid details - none this night.

After that

Continuing outside the comment section. See next post.

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