Thursday, 30 March 2017

I Katherine Anne, Interactive Induction


Interactive Induction

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In the cyber where I listened to it, the owner made sure to made noises so I really COULD NOT totally ignore them. Some people just don't want me to relax, and if it were only they were afraid of hypnosis (which happens with some sections of Indian Subcontinent immigrants), I wonder why some are so eager to also disturb my sleep.


You might want to know why I rejected hypnosis at about age 22 after late teens engulfed in self hypnosis. I considered things like "your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier" or "you can't open your eyelids, the more you try to open them, the more they are stuck" as lies. Hence induction itself begins by immortality. Now, here you have at least the decency to start with "you might want to" ... meaning the viewer is admitted as having a choice. Thumbs up for that!

[I misspelled "immorality" as "immortality"]


Not Christmas right now, but the day after Lady Day. Best wishes for Lent!


  1. Thanks for the post, great tips and information which is useful for all.

    1. Natasha Wanderly, thank you!

      It so happens, I was looking for spam comments, but this one which I found wasn't one.

      Your link was perfectly on topic!

      It may be useful, one day to me, and may probably already be so to other readers.

    2. I might want to be clear.

      I am more or less endorsing what I present myself, but things like "Try Marisa Peer's FREE Transformational Hypnotherapy session and free yourself from limiting beliefs that are holding you back." - That is things I am not really confident about licitness.

      And obviously, I haven't tried it. So, I am not endorsing it. The post about techniques, no problem.