Thursday, 30 March 2017

X Demons and hypnosis?

Last Frontier Medium

Hans-Georg Lundahl
A Wiccan who does a Wiccan ceremony is obviously opening a kind of door to demons.

If this Wiccan is also a hypnotist, if she does hypnosis videos, if a Christian watches them, is aware she is Wiccan, tries to counter that by praying both for her and before entering any hypnotic trance, are these precautions sufficient to counter from himself also opening a door to the demons by doing so?

I ask, because I am in the situation, and if you wonder why I would be going to hypnosis videos anyway, it's a matter of repose (I am homeless and get shoved away more and more which leads to more and more sleep privation) and also of getting around to not be quite as freewilled and not as sinful in masturbation, in some way or other, when it comes, which it does because I am still not married.

By the way, I could easily have been under a spiritual attack before actually going on to watch them, because I lost my miraculous medallion last week. Don't remember the exact day, not quite sure, but rather so, it was before or after watching the first of the hypnosis videos - before actually going back into a trance.

So, no, to me trances are not primarily a spiritual, but simply a carnal pleasure, in absence of better and more normal things - except in so far as prayer itself involves trance.

Excuse me, are you a practising Christian or a medium?

[Last added after actually noticing the name of the channel.]

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