Thursday, 30 March 2017

XI 29.III.2017

Initial statement, 15:44:

Resuming, yesterday.


Tried to doze off with some eyelid flutter to music I was hearing anyway.

Failed. Completed a composition, while awake after that.

Later evening

Wanted to doze off in train, couldn't, was interrupted by two Evangelicals preaching.


Found a place to sleep.

Tried to stare first on street lamps.

After eyelids closed, did a triple arm raise with each time Katherine Anne cutting the string.

Between two of them, or after third or both, I tried the "eyelid glue" and failed to open very brilliantly.

After third time, I don't think I needed much counting before really dozing off, BUT ... had seen her face floating like a Cheshire cat (remember, I only saw her on video, so this is my fantasy while doing self hypnosis) and this time with canines, but not as a vampire, as a shapeshifting kitten.

First try to sleep, I had to wake up again and reclose eyes after a prayer, since a girl I love had her head flying off and turning into a vampire skull, and since after I closed my eyelids again, I first saw one of the Evangelicals in my imagination, and I didn't wnat to go homoerotic.


Touched the erection a bit too much to avoid ejaculation totally, so had to change trousers in shower and probably stank on train.

Sorry, Katherine Anne, if this is awkward, like if you are married.

Also, tried Katherine Anne's count up.

"... wide awake!"

Joking, or what?

If I were married to her, I think she might wake me up some mornings:

"1, 2, 3 ... wide awake"

And me : "that's not even funny!"

Day yesterday : did manage to not watch hypnosis videos with sound, but did many hypnosis videos sound off as study.

Today: and with heaviness of eyelids and with nudging my nose, I wondered how much I was fuelling a future trigger for rapid zonk out if she'd like one. Also thought of her using the gesture of drinking water as a zonk out to Brian, while I was drinking water.

29.III.2017 hypno journal, if addtions
3/29/17 at 3:47 PM
[see above, note typo]

3/29/17 at 4:18 PM
And yes, here is one addition 16:12, with sleep privation and hypno lag I do have drooping eyelids and I am preparing to use it as a trigger this night (a tactic working wonderfully yesterday, as said).

And I'd love a hypno video with a power nap right now, but can't have it.

Will perhaps be off to where I can scan composition and get it online.

On the plus side, it is boosting my creativity (like alpha state from Rosary and like full dose of REM sleep would).

I just wrote a funny answer on quora:

Meawnhile, were was I ... yes, lost my orientation at least twice today. If someone observed me and were not aware of (or wilfully ignored) my autohypnosis experiments, I might easily get stamped as schizo.

One more reason, not so much against hypnosis (or perhaps yes, but I am biassed) as against that fake diagnosis.

I may add where I slept was not the most quiet place possible.

A sheltered porchway, yes, this in a side street, yes, BUT the side street was one to a very traficated street.

Using noise as hypno trigger? Perhaps did. But this does not mean it could not have distrupted sleep other parts of the night.

3/29/17 at 8:11 PM
20:11 Kept myself from hypno videos.

Saw lots of other stuff.


  1. I completed a composition 28.III and only this morning 31.III do I have it scanned.

    Delay due to some hypno-hangover or more like nice weather in Cergy?

    Or someone praying about it, angels and demons obviously knowing more about hypnotic manipulmation than any human hypnotist?

    Not sure, but here it is:

    musicalia : onata pianofortica quasi Ragtime

  2. A N D got first letter off in title in above link - the text portion, url being functional. Sonata, not "onata" obviously!