Thursday, 30 March 2017

VI Frozen With Hypnosis

Frozen With Hypnosis

My comments

I wonder, has Brian been able to get on with his comic book - or has his creativity been sacrificed on your curiosity of having a good subject? If he did get on with his comic book, I'd like to see proof of that, like a link to Amazon ... And I am starting to feel somewhat happy not having a home, just in case the offers for one were meant for you to gt an opportunity to take me under for 24 hours or more ... I have received some.

[Offers of getting a house, that is]

Brian Michael Bendis - not the guy, see photo.

Bryan Johnson - not the guy, see photo.

Brian Stelfreeze - not the guy, definitely see photo.

Brian K. Vaughan - not the guy, see photo.

Could it be Brian Quinn? Photo looks a bit like it?

If so, of course, he changed from glasses to lenses?

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