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XIX Personal Hypno Dictionary

This little hypno-dictionary does not claim to be exhaustive, but to reflect the usage I have made and will make of certain words, which may not be commonly known outside hypnotic expertise and amateurs. Whatever might be wrong is my misunderstanding, but at least if I misunderstood a term, with this dictionary, one will not need to misunderstand my misunderstandings.

alpha state

See trance.


A number is chosen from which numbers are counted down to one. Since ine is a non-arbitrary limit, this gives an impression of necessity to what is intended to be achieved:

  • into trance
  • into sleep
  • out of trance (along with appropriate suggestions)

If instead a count-up is chosen, the number one will reach must be told in advance for same effect. Unless it is going to sleep (counting sheep would be an indeterminate count-up).


The strength of suggestions to alter a state of mind depends at least to some degree on expectation.

This is true when suggestions are used in induction, or when they are used afterwards (deepening of trance, post-hypnotc, therapeutic, etc).

eye-lid glue

Mental image if impossibility in the present of opening your eyes along with a degree of relxation at which the eye-lids cannot in fact be opened - without spoiling at least some of the relaxation.

Verifying the eye-lid glue means subject / self trying to open eye-lids and either feeling a complete block ("excellent eye-lid glue") or at least more effort than usual while awake - or, if just opening eye-lids, one can speak of no eye-lid glue at all.

hypno glue, hypno magnet

See eye-lid glue, but not always for just eye-lids (with "magnets" more like hands, fingers).

hypno glutton

Glutton of alpha state or of trance, due to its being pleasant.

In extreme cases, one could speak of hypno junkie.

hypno video

  • A video meant as an induction or series of suggestions in order to hypnotise viewer:

  • or, a video featuring someone getting hypnotised.

The latter can strengthen the expectation (q. v.) part, and empathy with subject involves, esp. in induction (q. v.) a kind of "collateral hypnosis".


Passive or self active process of reaching trance.

Active or self active process of putting a subject other than self or oneself into trance.

May make use of suggestions (q. v.) of hypno glue, especially initially eye-lid glue, and of countdowns and stepdowns.

self, subject

In auto-hypnosis, self is both hypnotist and subject, in hetero-hypnosis hypnotist is putting subject into trance.


When a count-down is combined with mental image (eyes closed) stepping down in stairs or on a ladder or whatever.


A word meant to help induction or to be "received" while in trance.

In the case of hypno videos, you can check beforehand (sound off, image scrolled up so only subtitles show, frequent stopping) what the suggestions are and therefore make an enlightened choice on whether to watch the hypno video or not.


State of consciousness focussed on something and lessening awareness of surroundings, which on an electro-encephalogram (electrodes measuring brain waves, which in nature are among perhaps other things, electric or electromagnetic) would show as a pattern of waves called alpha-waves, sometimes deeper trance involves other patterns for instance I think theta waves (checked : hippocampal theta waves occur while running or in REM sleep) : it means the electric currents run at different frequencies in your brain from "normal", neither like wide awake nor like deep sleep, but closer to (for theta waves identic to) REM sleep. The alpha state is generally present between the full REM sleep when you dream and the full wakening and is helpful in recalling your dream (?).

The states of trance is at least lightly touched when reading a book or in prayer, due to repetitive traits of these actions, and due to focussing on sth which is felt worth focussing on.

It is usually also present right before falling asleep.


Any mental image, these are usually stronger and closer to full sensory clarity when in trance.

Step-downs, eye-lid glue and other hypno magnets are visualisations, but not the only ones.

q. v.

Quod vide. Means : which look up / go and look it up.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

XVIII What I would NOT want Hypnosis Used for

Blog 37 (of those visible to others, one is a draft blog which is not yet presented), and message 18. A creepy number.

If you know the kind of suggestion after which subject has 11 fingers on both hands because one number was forgotten, I would not want to forget number 5 - as in the five mysteries of each third of the Rosary or the five pebbles of King David against Goliath.

I would also not want to find myself counting to 8 fingers, because I repeated 6 twice before going on. Obviously.

I would not want to forget my name, still less to be made to act as if having another one.

I would not want to be made to fall in love, even temporarily, with a man, or when I am in love with someone, with someone else.

I would very obviously not want total slave control.

So, there are things hypnosis can be abused for, some seriously abused any way you look at it, some clearly beyond what I would like.

But I also tend to think, since alpha state is a part of normal life, it would be bad to try to "vaccinate against it" too. One time I wondered if Mark of the Beast was a hypnotic state, one time more recently I wondered if a "vaccine against hypnosis" could be it (and could explain "will find no rest neither night nor day").

So, I would also not want to be hypnotised against being able to be hypnotised.

I would also not consider someone as a witch worthy of death penalty just for practising hypnosis (abortion is quite another matter).

In this, I agree, probably, with the Spanish Inquisitor who ended witch burning after the ones in 1610, Zugarrumurdi. 18 persons had repented, 6 had been burned, 5 had escaped and were burned in effigie. After that the Inquisitor following up came to ask whether features of witchcraft as confessed were even possible to the Devil (i e changing someone's body to that of an animal for instance), so he concluded it was imagination - i e hypnosis.

This means, he considered hypnosis in and of itself not worthy of death penalty.

Some guys (like the judges in Salem) might differ. Some could try to make a market for "vaccine against hypnosis" and I hope I would not take it.

But generally, I think Mark of the Beast would be other things, like RFid Chip or things. Or perhaps, certain ideological habits of thought and acting./HGL

XVII Updates After Good Friday to 6.V.2017

Have been doing very fine as to getting to sleep, often doing without hypno craving, but getting myself a moderate dose of it* through out April, usually by auto before going to bed, either leaving it to God or allowing Katherine Anne or Alicia Fairclough to step in.

Night to Easter Monday, it led to so great relaxation, when waking up, I abused myself.

On Easter Monday I did listen to Alicia Fairclough's rapid induction :

Can you be hypnotised with a rapid induction?
Alicia Fairclough

And while it was very comforting, I am concerned it contained a factual untruth, even if not a doctrinal heresy.

I am not respected by everybody, even if later that day it actually helped me to have felt that way.

But shows level of what I can "swallow" without criticism is a bit too malleable. I didn't jerk out of trance when she said everyone respects me. Watched some more Fairclough, but not a hypno one, and am glad I heard of her trouble using hypnosis for relaxation, and taking to sensory deprivation tank instead. Every weakness is welcome, as reminding me, however much anyone of these may help me, they are human, not goddesses, and need my prayers, in a general way.**

Have not been coming back to full regularity of Rosary. But have been praying it on and off, most weeks at least some days.

Have been entrusting my alpha state (esp before going to sleep) explicitly to God. Asking Him to repair what needs repair and maintain what needs to be maintained in me, rather than trying some repair on my own judgement.

Was prevented from watching this one:

Hypnosis for sleep - Creativity Boost ASMR POV (Female Hypnotist - Pocket watch induction)
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

Except first minutes.

Was later glad, since it was not meant to wake up from, like the two others, but to "consume" before going to sleep. Left comment:

I was nearly going to watch this in a non-home setting, where I would not be able to go to sleep after the session.

Later I watched parts of text (subtitles, sound off), tried to adapt it to my self hypno sessions (trains or "bed").

Sitting from porch was a great visualisation.

Later watched more (subtitles, sound off), and reacted against "rag doll" and discarded the video from my program.

Last few nights, tried a lucid dream technique for going to sleep : after "eyelid glue" (if you know what I mean), I visualised a mirror, putting my hand through it, finding myself in starry space (alternative, it may be on a lake, finding myself seeing stars and night with waves coming out from a centre) and going on from there to - sleep and dream.

Took two tries at rewatching Katherine Anne, yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I was very interrupted by someone who was loud beside me in cyber café, today less so, since they only got loud beneath.

After rewatching interactive induction:

Interactive Induction

(interrupted yesterday, less so today, as said), I watched also (today):

Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....

before going on to non-hypno videos.

When leaving and after train, I felt some eyelid "irritation" (not itching, but "itching to drop", if you know what I mean).

Was before train feeling somewhat depressed or oppressed, and wondering whether this was spiritually dangerous.

Decided to leave it to God.

Under second of Katherine Anne ones, left this remark, replying to one question not previously answered by me which she had posed in video:

Hair style ... Mary Poppins? Btw, would you mind going through the books of P. L. Travers and see which ones of the "magical" experiences would be possible to experience by hypnosis? Could you make someone think he and you were floating in the air just under the ceiling, as long as you were laughing? I am asking, because I wonder whether that was what PLT experienced with Gurdjeff - much nearly "a monk" but who went into yoga and possibly hypnosis too.

And misspelled Gurdjieff as Gurdjeff, when doing so.

Other indication of this making me perhaps a bit distracted, I found more money in my pocket when leaving the city where I had been watching videos, than I thought I had, and yesterday I had missed some money which I had thought I had. Hypnotised twice to give and receive money and forget about it and about hypnotist each time? That is one of the situations I was wondering about in this post:

IX quora : If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

While I think these ladies are doing some real good, I also think it is sad the times are so stressful they are needed./HGL


* Or what I take to be moderate. I might be a hypno glutton.

** In a general way : I am wary about praying for too specific things, which might be totally what they least need or want.


Here is an example of real situations being so stressful - and there come many of them - that I am driving to resort to hypnosis for extra rest and calm:

Library computer had all movements ultra slow and mouse click and bluing jumping - after a night woken up just after falling back to sleep after having left bank locale to pee. And after that, new place I was kept awake and was too full in the stomach to enter a hypnotic state, was awake some hours more, one or two at least.

It is not as if I had been lacking sleep due to endogenic insomnia, it is about being woken up. Perhaps in some places and times by people wanting me to seek out hypnotic relief.

Friday, 14 April 2017

XVI Update on Good Friday

Night to Maundy Thursday, God telling me to use Katherine Anne and let Him do it tomorrow.

Peaceful place, uncomfortable position though. I recall coming down to 30's on a countdown from 100 "with her", and then loosing track and still not being asleep.

When I woke up, I had dreamt of playing volley ball with Rob Skiba II of all people, noticed I had a hard on, found this inappropriate and set out to instead think of this girl I love.

Night to Good Friday, me reminding God ...

After I had been twice disturbed by people angry at my sleeping in a bank locale which was closed, I asked God to do it, was some sorry for not directly obeying and sleeping when God told me sleep, did the breathing and was clearly not awake another minute at least not two.

After I was woken up and had to find another place, I was again disturbed before going to sleep and still not angry enough to be awake for long. Woke up around seven. And when I was horny I was thinking about the girl, as I should.

God - Katherine Anne : 2 - 1.

Seriously, asking God to take care of your sleep is a much better thing than meddling with autohypnosis. In that latter case, you can get caught up in a pleasant alpha state which would have been better used for praying, and which could even be more exhausting than reposing, if there is some lust mixed with it. I won't give Katherine Anne a zero, I did fall asleep, alpha state is pleasant if prolonged, but ...

Thursday, 6 April 2017

XV C. S. Lewis and Hypnosis

HGL to C. S. Lewis Institute
Good day, is there any documentation on how C. S. Lewis related to hypnosis? There are hints here and there in the Narniad.

When Lady of the Green Kirtle fails at what is essentially hypnosis, the failure is not due to someone just trying to resist "try harder, won't break my willpower, go on", it is due to Puddleglum making a row which breaks off the hypnotic induction like situation. I believe that is accurately describing the only way not to get hypnotised when someone is trying to, to break off the situation.

When Rilian gets out of it, he has to shake off "magic", but the sensation of shaking off also comes after hypnosis.

In The Last Battle Tirian does a self hypnotic trick (without involving Jill or Eustace), namely programs his nap to last for exactly the time he wants to sleep.

In The Magician's Nephew we find three traces of knowledge of hypnosis:

  • it is reflected in how you get in and out of worlds by the rings, since the fading away and becoming clearer are related by similarity to hypnotic visualisations
  • it is reflected in the drowsy calm of the Wood between the Worlds
  • and also in Aslan giving Uncle Andrew sleep, by a simple command.

In Prince Caspian, Doctor Cornelius thought he would have been a very incompetent magician if he hadn't been able to do some "sleep magic" ... that is actually one kind of "magic" which can at times be done without a compact with demons, I suppose.

So, have you any idea what his ideas and experiences on the topic were?

Did they
take it as an April Fools Joke, or will they respond later?

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

XIV On Stopping Masturbation

How do I stop masturbating if I'm 14?

C by Q
I masturbate at night due to my talented good looking friends. I imagine myself as them when I masturbate. I know I have the willpower to stop it but I don't know how to bring it. I am tall, thin and can play piano well. I don't want to go to any psychologist as I KNOW I CAN STOP. I need guidance

Collapsed answer:
Vikas Choudhary
B.sc. Part ll Physics & Mathematics
Written Mar 27
Get a gf

And attach yourself emotionally with her and you'll eventually stop overdoing.

[From the second line, I hope everyone has guessed that gf = girl friend]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
studied at Lund University
Written Mar 28
Pray the Rosary and ask God for help.

If you can’t stop altogether, try to limit it.

AND, even better would be to marry, but in your country and time that may be hard to achive in practise.

EDIT : added link here:

Overcome Porn Addiction

Jordan Shank
42m ago
Marry at 14? Is that a practice you’re personally familiar with? If not, then I don’t believe it’s good advice.

Then again, replacing masturbating with sex is totally a legitimate reason to get married.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
17m ago

I am personally familiar with being denied that practise, or even the somewhat less radical and more bourgeois practise of getting engaged at 14 and marrying at 18 after spending 4 years preparing the marriage.

I am however familiar with the fact as a historic one that the Catholic Church through centuries has been allowing boys to marry from age 14 and girls from age 12. This was also the age limit in Spain about 100 years ago.

Moira Lomas
Written Mar 27
Why do you want to stop? There's nothing wrong with masturbating.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
He might not think that, nor do I.

Kevin Nissley
Played with explosives (12B) and now I buy stuff
Written Mar 27
I'm going to let you in on a secret Sanjay Whiteman. I'm 37 and haven't stopped since I started around the age of 12. I don't plan on stopping either. Masturbation is healthy, normal and fun.

Why should you stop?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
That is precisely the kind of thing I should NOT have liked hearing as a teen, or should have liked NOT to have heard.

Plus where is the respect for his autonomy, if you aren’t giving him tips on what he is asking for, how to stop?

[This obviously implies, the advice given by Vikas Choudhary is the one I would have needed, not to get, since I already thought so, but to get support in, instead of demoralising discouragements.]

Ellen Roepert
writer, hypnotist, gamer, spiritual dabbler
Written Mar 27
You don’t need to go to a psychologist. You don’t even need to stop. It is healthy and normal for people your age to masturbate.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
Normal to masturbate, not normal to become a parent?

Plus, what about his autonomy, if he wants to stop why discourage him rather than give tips on how to do it?

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
Because I know it’s normal and healthy for a human being to masturbate. No it is not normal to become a parent at the age of 14. It’s damn irresponsible.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
15h ago
Most generations previous to the two latest ones have disagreed.

And also disagreed on “responsible” vs “irresponsible” being the prime factors in deciding what is right and wrong.

Ellen Roepert
14h ago
That doesn't change my judgement.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
14h ago
Too bad.

What is your big argument for modern man (1900 AD to present) knowing better than everyone or most who went before?

Ellen Roepert
13h ago
We live very different now. It's a choice to start a family now, because we have effective contraception. People can now have sex without immediately having babies too. We can choose now. Contraception changed everything.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
Contraception certainly changed possibilities.

Suppose we got the possibility to tailor the genetics of our children, to involve transgenics, triple helix, genes from animals or plants, technically, would that also change the duty of making a human child into one choice among others?

If not, why not?

Ellen Roepert
There is no duty to make a human child. There is a duty to take good care of every human child that is born. And a 14 year old can not offer the financial, pedagogical or otherwise parental care that a 30 year old can.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
"There is no duty to make a human child."

Does that involve it is allowed to make transgenics children - humans with genetic modifications - if that becomes technically possible?*

"There is a duty to take good care of every human child that is born."

At least to take the best care one can.

What exact level of care is too bad for allowing someone to be a parent?

"And a 14 year old can not offer the financial, pedagogical or otherwise parental care that a 30 year old can."

Let's break this down.

  • financial - because of today's economy which does neither allow 14 year olds to marry, nor to make a living by working
  • pedagogical - by the time the baby is newborn, it is so young, the pedagogical care given by a 14 year old is quite adequate and by the time the baby needs more, the parent will have as many extra years as the baby and will no longer be 14.
  • or otherwise parental care - you could be more precise. I’ll give one example, when it comes to providing with siblings, someone who bears first time at fourteen is a better mother than someone who starts at 30.

Ellen Roepert
I disagree with everything you say here.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
Care to get into details?

Ellen Roepert
12h ago
I have already told you that an adult can provide for a child. And a teenager cannot.

[Here I started writing an answer, which I could not post, since Ellen Roepert blocked me.]

* In other words, did she accentuate "there is no duty to make a human child" or "there is no duty to make a human child"? If the former, why is not making it, totally better than not making it human? Both questions related to what the normal biological sequence would be.

XIII Hypnosis and Truth - Or Manipulation?

Is there a way I can hypnotize someone to tell the truth for 10 minutes? https://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-way-I-can-hypnotize-someone-to-tell-the-truth-for-10-minutes/answer/Ellen-Roepert

Ellen Roepert
recreational hypnotist and subject
Written Fri
No. Hypnosis will not force people to tell the truth. Hypnosis is not something you'd find easy to learn. It might take more than 10 just to hypnotise someone. And once hypnotised, they are still themselves, if they don't want to tell you the truth, they won't.

What is “the truth” anyway?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
How do you explain what happens in this video:

"Hypnotize My Roommate" - Kutztown Trio 1 3 College Hypnosis
John Cerbone

Ellen Roepert
13h ago
That is a hypnotist using what is often called a rapid hypnosis induction. It requires years of practice to learn how to do that, and it usually requires at least 30 minutes of talking and getting to know each other and preparation.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
Which is not shown in video.

But could the girl be lying, or is he getting straight answers?

Ellen Roepert
13h ago
She is probably saying exactly what she thinks he wants her to say. That's not necessarily the truth.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
Ah, that is interesting.

So, if I allowed a girl disciple of Cerbone to hypnotise me in a similar fashion, she could manipulate me to say things I had never dreamed of and which are not true?

[Meaning, as readers of my blog may know, Katherine Anne.]

Ellen Roepert
13h ago
Anyone you talk to can possibly manipulate you into saying lots of things. That has nothing to do with hypnosis.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
13h ago
OK, she could manipulate me into saying the kind of things someone could manipulate me into saying otherwise, but not the kind of things someone would not be able to manipulate me to say otherwise?

Ellen Roepert
12h ago
Manipulation is unrelated to hypnosis.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
12m ago
I don’t think so.

  • 1) The more you focus on someone, the more he or she is able to manipulate you.
  • 2) Hypnosis as per induction already involves synonyms to “it feels soooooooooo good to” be manipulated by the hypnotist.

By the way, I don’t think we were talking about the same thing when we were asking whether hypnosis would make her tell the truth.

You said hypnosis would not force her to tell the truth if she decided to lie. Probably correct, in so far as she recalled that decision … which hypnosis could have made her forget.

I was thinking more on lines of hypnosis making it more difficult to lie successfully, since she could not concentrate on lying, since concentrated on sth else while on the other hand it would also remove certain inhibitions from telling the truth.

The fact the room mate agreed to get hypnotised in the first place was kind of getting into an agreement - subconscious or not - to reveal things she would normally not have revealed.

Meaning, with a hypnotist she would be not forced, but manipulated … question being, what is more likely : into telling the truth? or into saying what she empathetically thinks the hypnotist wants to hear?

I don’t know, you are the expert on the mind under hypnosis.

I have been to a dentist who used it once or twice, I have been dabbling on my own with autohypnosis, I was semi-hypnotised by a girl I liked before that and even better after that : she made me answer “1*1” to equal “2”. I rejected hypnosis for many years at about age 22, but was even so an alpha state junkie and this enhanced my prayer life, and I have been hankering back to hypnosis now that I have had my prayer life disturbed.

I also went through one session of psychosynthesis while on a teachers’ conference, and that in fact meant hypnosis.

That is it, except for of late using hypno videos (with some caution and restraint about some content) each time I am into what I call a hypno binge.

You, on the other hand, have been through it with people who were expert, you have talked through with them what happened, and what can happen to a mind under hypnosis and things like that.

But on the other hand, I think there is some ideology in the way you answer about certain things. Sorry. I am currently not hypnotised by you and I am not quite manipulated by you either.

Ellen Roepert
9m ago
Hypnosis rarely makes anyone forget anything.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
6m ago
I think it on the contrary succeeds very well in making you forget lots of things for the moment.

Ellen Roepert
even later
There is no point in me trying to disel all the myths from your comments.

[dispel, I suppose]

Other answers
Each now first given with my follow up question, but may be updated if it is answered.

Keith Blakemore-Noble
Master hypnotist & trainer for 7 years, use for therapy and for entertainment.
Written Sat

Not unless they wanted you to. In which case you wouldn't need to anyway.

Hypnosis is not mind control , you can not use it to force someone to do something they don't want to do.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"just now"
I’d like to ask you the same thing which I asked Ellen Roepert, do you think the guy Cerbone on hypnotise my room mate is getting true answers?

[link to video, see above]

Diana Laskaris
works at Impact, LLC
Written Fri
I agree with the previous responder. Also, remember that one of the challenges with hypnosis is that the mind will “fill in blanks” the way it believes is true. This is why hypnosis, which is great for many things like recall and behavioral change, cannot be used in court. If someone is asked under hypnosis, “did you see a blue car in front of your house on Thursday June 22?” their mind will play through all the other times it saw a blue car in front of your house and make the logical, but not necessarily true, leap that, yes, there was a blue car in front of the house on the day in question.

This is not to say that hypnosis creates unreliable or untruthful responses. Most often quite the opposite. However, because the mind’s response can be based on its own differing interpretations of “truth” what is true in one mind may not match what is true in another.



Hans-Georg Lundahl
"just now"
I’d like to ask you the same thing which I asked Ellen Roepert, do you think the guy Cerbone on hypnotise my room mate is getting true answers?

[link to video, see above]

Thursday, 30 March 2017

I Katherine Anne, Interactive Induction


Interactive Induction

My Comments


In the cyber where I listened to it, the owner made sure to made noises so I really COULD NOT totally ignore them. Some people just don't want me to relax, and if it were only they were afraid of hypnosis (which happens with some sections of Indian Subcontinent immigrants), I wonder why some are so eager to also disturb my sleep.


You might want to know why I rejected hypnosis at about age 22 after late teens engulfed in self hypnosis. I considered things like "your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier" or "you can't open your eyelids, the more you try to open them, the more they are stuck" as lies. Hence induction itself begins by immortality. Now, here you have at least the decency to start with "you might want to" ... meaning the viewer is admitted as having a choice. Thumbs up for that!

[I misspelled "immorality" as "immortality"]


Not Christmas right now, but the day after Lady Day. Best wishes for Lent!

II Katherine Anne Update!!...and a little covert hypno....


Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....


She does say sth about sleeping first and only day after that telling what happened.

My comments:

March 25:

OK, I am perhaps not sure you wanted all the details the day after a night's sleep, but here we go.

The dirty stuff first. Some people go to whores and get drunk first. I sometimes use self hypnosis in a similar manner before self satisfaction - which comes unplanned and I was stinking all the morning and still need to wash some after I already did my laundry.

Now, the things you might be more interested in - as a hypnotist. I saw the video three times over, and had already seen that Christmas gift video. As you might imagine, the thought of dreaming you met me on the street and hypnotised me was not just running in the back of my head unconsciously. I was seeing foreward to it. I can tell you more about my day dreams than about my night dreams, because my sleep got disturbed by someone, and I woke up with too little sleep.

Here we go, changing "me" and "you" to HGL and KA.

HGL : [strolling on a sunny street in summer through otherwise unidentified street, empty except for ...]
KA : [shows up, waves]
HGL : Oh, it's Katherine Anne! I'm zonked!
KA: What do you mean zonked? I haven't started yet? HGL : Some criminals see the police and say "I'm fried" before they are ...
KA : Oh, in that sense?
HGL : Yea, you probably came to zonk me, and if so, I am zonked.
KA : You can say that again [smirk]
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : I want to hear it again [catches my eyes]
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : [touches me on arm] Next time you say that, you really are.
HGL : OK? [feeling arm being moved]
KA : Now say it.
HGL : I am zonked.
KA : [snaps finger, drops my arm] sleeeeeep.

And as I day dreamed about it, I went down a bit more.

March 26

After second night. Found a place I thought would be quiet, even so got my sleep disturbed.

The morning I had a queezy day dream about Cercone being involved in zonking me out.

I'd prefer you, even if you are less experienced in the "hypnotose my room mate" thing.

Now, back to the evening. Went out a time or two even before last moment of closure, so just woke up to see one of two girls enter and talk to her. Then went out pretty quickly, not doing much, rolling eyeball so as to "look at skull from inside" had eyelids fall quickly, went out soon after that.

Dream one : farewell to the Dawn Treader. Lots of episodes involving the Pevensies, think I remember Peter and Lucy from the last cast (Walden media). Not sure where I came in myself, if I did.

Dream two : cutting out pieces of human flesh (my own, perhaps not exclusively) and wrapping them around cannon balls, shooting at Putin.

Don't know where pieces of human flesh come from, but am against Putin in real and wake life too. As a "reactionary" he's so inferior to the reactionaries I do like or admire. Even Mussolini whom I like more than I admire, had banned abortion in Italy after four years in power, and in the years up to Matteotti case at least did not depend in secret services.

Putin made his carreer in secret services, while Mussolini was a poor man and a syndicalist.

Dreams about meeting you in street and you hypnotising me : dreams as opposed to day dreaming before going to sleep, none.

Torrid details - none this night.

After that

Continuing outside the comment section. See next post.

IV Continuing Journal March 28 2017

hypno journal 28.III.2017
3/28/17 at 10:25 AM

Laid off going to a "popular soup" at a Church. As I sat under a tree, I tried to "go down deep", but did NOT succeed to shut out the sounds.

I started a composition, and chose sth like rag time or so as general style (under the sonata or sonatina form and "irregular" bar groups).


Found a place to sleep. Felt the stench of old cigarette smoke, somewhat feebly. Did not move.

Counted down (me counting, Katherine Anne's face floating above like the face of the Cheshire cat and adding "you go to sleep now" every time), cannot recall getting down to 60.

Both evening and night I had started over a few times, while losing track of where I was.


Woke up in a dream, saw a year number like 813 (which I know in wake life for another reason) and was in my dream wondering about eradication of abortion, how it was progressing.

Touched a hard on, thought better of the idea of wanking, desisted, tried to think of sth else, like the dream.

In reality, it was of course outlawed in Charlemagne's Empire anyway, since Constantine had outlawed it.

Considered that while still awake and wondered if reeradication might have proven necessary in the recently conquered Saxon territories.

Saw it was still dark, concluded it was still night, started a countdown again, but got down to 50 and below, and even after some drifting off now and again reached 1. This time the suggestion had been "you go to sleep now for a short time".

When I had reached one, I "let her" do that kind of "count up" (without counting. I did feel refreshed and it was getting light. Had the morning countdown been a power nap, or had I drifted off to minutes or hours of real sleep between the resuming of counting? I don't know.
The hard on was gone. Without wanking. Thank God.


Shall I be able to keep OFF hypno journal (except this)?


Daydreamed about meeting her.

KA: "you might want to look into my eyes"
HGL: "already? I thought we were going to talk first."

Ending A (yes, daydream recurred with two endings)

KA: "I already read your blogs, and know what you want"
HGL: "fine, I am yours under God" (sign of a cross) "go ahead and zonk me out"

Ending B
Dialogue ensuing on what I did want and what I did not want.

Ending C

KA: "look at the time"
HGL: [notices it is 10 am]
KA: "we already did, I already zonked you out"
HGL: "fine, I am yours under God" (sign of a cross) "go ahead and zonk me out again"

Content of dialogue (not given, not recalled in perfect detail) being basically that if she wanted to impose things on me that OTHERS wanted for me, that was not OK. Not unless she had verified I wanted it myself.

In actual fact, what I do want is getting more REM sleep, more restrained erections, more of my alpha state fix from prayer - all of which per se are things I don't need hypnotherapy for.

BUT if someone were to get me doing my research this style or that style or considering this or considering that or being open to this or that kind of audience, while hypnosis would not be my choice for myself, I would feel OK with it if it was imposed ... by Katherine Anne.

I would NOT want to have hypnotic adventures like this (hypno binges, I called the one in 2014) to continue to distract me every time I was getting a bit insisting when courting a girl, or every time someone would want to use this as an excuse of pretending I was reevaluating everything I had been saying on my blogs or that I might be ashamed of them being known.

IN fact, other thing where I don't have false shame and don't want that of others to interfere : I want to marry a girl well younger than myself, since that is where fertility is. An old maid my age is not fertile, a divorcee is not licit to marry and I would not want to speculate on the tragedies of others. And even a widow my age would be more into the children she had after someone else than into making more of them with me.

V On Formats

Readers of my other blogs might be interested and knowledgeable of my two formats so far. And a third upcoming.

I Katherine Anne, Interactive Induction

& II Katherine Anne Update!!...and a little covert hypno....

These are one format on Assorted retorts.

I watch a video, I comment one or more comments below, and my blog post is essentially my link to video, with a little own reflection added to readers after they watched it.

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere

III Continuing Journal March 27

& IV Continuing Journal March 28 2017

One or more mails, usually between myself and someone else, is the format on this blog:

Correspondence of Hans Georg Lundahl

Now, the third format, also on Assorted retorts again, is where comments go between me and someone else.

I first link to video, then start giving the combox debate.

Suppose my dialogue (imagined such) with Katherine Anne had been a combox debate with her, the format would on Assorted retorts have looked like this:

Video commented on
Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....

[strolling on a sunny street in summer through otherwise unidentified street, empty except for ...]

[shows up, waves]

Oh, it's Katherine Anne! I'm zonked!

What do you mean zonked? I haven't started yet?

Some criminals see the police and say "I'm fried" before they are ...

Oh, in that sense?

Yea, you probably came to zonk me, and if so, I am zonked.

You can say that again [smirk]

I am zonked.

I want to hear it again [catches my eyes]

I am zonked.

[touches me on arm] Next time you say that, you really are.

OK? [feeling arm being moved]

Now say it.

I am zonked.

[snaps finger, drops my arm] sleeeeeep.

[If there had been any.]

VI Frozen With Hypnosis

Frozen With Hypnosis

My comments

I wonder, has Brian been able to get on with his comic book - or has his creativity been sacrificed on your curiosity of having a good subject? If he did get on with his comic book, I'd like to see proof of that, like a link to Amazon ... And I am starting to feel somewhat happy not having a home, just in case the offers for one were meant for you to gt an opportunity to take me under for 24 hours or more ... I have received some.

[Offers of getting a house, that is]

Brian Michael Bendis - not the guy, see photo.

Bryan Johnson - not the guy, see photo.

Brian Stelfreeze - not the guy, definitely see photo.

Brian K. Vaughan - not the guy, see photo.

Could it be Brian Quinn? Photo looks a bit like it?


If so, of course, he changed from glasses to lenses?

VII Two Powernap Videos, and My Choice

Video commented on:

5 Minute Hypnotic Nap
Alicia Fairclough

My Comment:

1:30 Here is where you lost me. Up and out of your body ... no.

["il y a 6 jours" = 22.III.2017
I later took this one instead:]

Video not commented on:

Awesome Power Nap Hypnosis
Alicia Fairclough

[Whatever the dangers of hypnosis as such, spiritually, morally, in certain situations etc, this second one does not involve imagery which I detected as un-Christian.]

VIII Quora : What do the Islamic 99 names and the Catholic Rosary have to do with self-hypnosis?

Q I asked
What do the Islamic 99 names and the Catholic Rosary have to do with self-hypnosis?

Own comment on Q
In méthode Coué, there is an “I am …” involved in what one is suggesting oneself about. In these two, there is not (unless one speaks of the I Am who revealed Himself to Moses, as to Rosary).

The question is not primarily religious, it is more about what the effects of that would be. Like would the fact of NOT concentrating on one’s OWN goals be an indirect suggestion of forgetting oneself?

with my comments, in some cases, and except one which involves "Not for Reproduction":

Some of those I asked had been requested to answer, some not. Most I asked have not answered.

Claire-Edith de la Croix,
Ph.D Philosophy of Religion and Theology & Catholicism, Claremont Graduate University (1983)
Written 20h ago
I know nothing about the 99 Names so I can't answer that part of the question.

The Catholic rosary is a meditation, not an excerise in memorization and rote repetition. The rosary is divided into groups of ten beads separated by a large bead; each group of ten beads is called a decade. The traditional rosary consists of fifteen decades and Saint Pope John Paul II proposed another five.

Each decade is named for a particular “mystery” (mysterium in Latin) in salvation history. While repeating the prayers for the beads vocally, we are supposed to meditate on the relevant mystery. The mind remains very active. Nothing to do with self-hypnosis.

The Loyola Press has a list of the twenty mysteries on their site[1].


[1] Mysteries of the Rosary

[Note, I give the link as respecting integrity of her answer, but would not use "The Mysteries of Light"]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Since hypnosis is not just about memorisation, including self hypnosis, I don’t see the point of “not an excerise in memorization and rote repetition.”

You said it is a meditation, on which I agree.

It is also the one I use, as opposed to Muslims using 99 names.

In the 15 mystery version.

Are you aware that meditation is considered akin to self hypnosis in so far as alpha state is induced in a successful instance?

That is one reason behind my question.

Claire-Edith de la Croix
Hello, Hans-Georg.

I am very aware of trance states of various kinds including hypnosis, which was one of the tools I sometimes used in my professional practice. Since my answer is directed to the curious man in the street, I chose appropriate vocabulary. To most laymen the words trance and hypnosis evoke different ideas. This is not a technical or professional article.

Is there something more general about the answer that's bothering you?

Sr. Claire-Édith

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Well, I am not “the curious man in the street”, I do have some technical vocabulary.

Also, I think you are perhaps by “chosing appropriate vocabulary” withholding some of your actual knowledge from the man in the street.

If you are a professional practitioner, I don’t see how you could associate self hypnosis with “an excerise in memorization and rote repetition” which you say the Rosary is not.

There IS if you like “rote repetition” (I’ll have to look the word up, but insofar as I understand it) in the Rosary and for mysteries there is also that in at least II Method of St Grignon de Montfort - which is popular among German speaking Catholics, the one I use.

… and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, who rose from the dead, Holy Mary, Mother of God … (with each Hail Mary in that decade, replace with “who ascended to Heaven” for second one, and so on).

And the Rosary is therefore an excellent way or recalling these precise 15 mysteries, and also, using the cycle:

Joyful - Monday, Thursday
Sorrowful - Tuesday, Friday
Glorious - Wednesday, Saturday
(various solutions for Sunday, including all three same day)

it is an excellent way to recall what weekday it is, even if you don’t have newspapers telling you that.

But since hypnosis is clearly used for many various other purposes than to enhance memory at language learning or whatever, I don’t get the point you were making in your first sentence.

Or if you meant NLP, are you sure the mysteries and the associated fruits (for which we ask God) may not have an effect similar to personalised NLP?

I think it can, like the psalms, and that is one way in which praying the Rosary makes you a good Christian.

Claire-Edith de la Croix
Wait a second… is it you who wrote the original question? If so, I've been particularly dense and I did not understand the wording of your question.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Correct for first part, you know best for second part.

LL deMerle
Claire-Edith, I once read an article which claimed that studies showed praying the rosary to have benefits for the heart.

Claire-Edith de la Croix
Not surprising. In general, meditation and contemplation can be very relaxing. But that's a far cry fro a trance.

LL deMerle

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Not sure if you are aware “trance” varies in depth.

II, Requested
Dorothy M Neddermeyer
Ph.D., Certified Hypnosis and Time-line Practitioner. 30+ years experience.
Written 20h ago
Any form of concentration to the exclusion of other distractions or input serves to induce or enhance a trance state. While the number of beads have a purpose for each religious faith, the number of beads also has a purpose of conditioning people to engage in the practice of concentration—i.e. trance state—for shorter or longer periods of time.


[diagram with Greek hupnos, sleep + English -osis giving in late 19th C hypnosis - actually, ending -osis is also Greek]

late 19th century: from Greek hupnos ‘sleep’ + -osis.

The mind goes into a trance state periodically during awake hours. Hypnosis became the word to identify a process of someone inducing a deeper trance state than one generally goes into periodically during awake hours. After inducing a trance state the facilitator can process information from the unconscious mind, which creates a cathartic and healing effect.

If you have questions contact me. I am here only to be truly helpful.

III Requested
Michael DeBusk
Hypnotist since 1993
Written 12h ago
I am completely unfamiliar with both Catholic and Islamic ritual, so I can't speak to the ones you asked about.

I can only say that rituals of this kind function as trance inductions. They have a unique quality in that they set a particular direction for your nervous system to follow.

I wish I knew more about these specific rituals.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
“I can only say that rituals of this kind function as trance inductions.”

I consider this as being so too.

Also, St Thomas Aquinas proves that Downs’ syndromers can truly pray by the fact they can truly enter into a trance during a prayer.

I was thinking about the difference from méthode Coué, which was inspired by the rosary, since in méthode Coué, the person entering the trance is visualising something about himself, in the Rosary something about Jesus or Mary or both - that is, about persons transcending his own.

The own person is during the trance more in the background (present as in “pray for us sinners” or as in reason for praying the rosary, which often involves sth personal : but even so, in the background, while main thing remains sth other than he and his own qualities either desires or to be overcome).

How do you think that would make a difference?

Alan Piper
Wise Blue Owl Therapy centre
Written Mon
In sort nothing. The Islamic 99 and catholic rosary are about comiting to memory: self hypnosis can help with improving the memory for may things. But there is nothing connecting either in any spritaual or religious sense.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
If you noted my own comment, I was actually saying I was asking about technical from a mentalist point of view.

A repeated and well known short message is consumed under alpha state of some degree … what is, from the purely technical, not religious, point of view the difference and similarity?

Does it matter that in Coué one is dealing with a personalised message which is adressed to one’s personal self, while in prayer one is dealing with a one size fits all message which is adressed to attention on and adress to someone other than self?

Shawn Bell
works at Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs
Written Mon

Update 3.IV.2017
More answers

Answer requested by Hans-Georg Lundahl

Sherry W,
Written Wed
Nothin really, unless you use them as way to hypnotize your self.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Well, and doesn’t one when praying?

Answer requested by Hans-Georg Lundahl

Derry Cooke
Certified hypnotherapist in private practice since 2015.
Written Wed

Focus, belief, desire, imagination, repetition… These are the essentials of hypnosis and religious practice.

I'm not saying religious practice is hypnosis but it absolutely includes hypnotic elements.

Answer requested by Hans-Georg Lundahl

Diana Laskaris
works at Impact, LLC
Written Fri
Upvoted by Chrysovalantis Anastasiades
Interesting question. I don’t think that there’s a direct correlation if that’s what you’re asking. However, when one goes into a deeply meditative, focused state, such as one might do while reciting the Catholic Rosary or the Islamic 99, they could be inducing a light trance, which would be like self-hypnosis. The difference being that in hypnosis, generally one is trying to provide positive suggestions for behavioral or other change, while the purpose of the rosary or 99 is generally to focus on a prayerful or meditative state. The similarity would be in the focused attention and repetition that both states engage.



Hans-Georg Lundahl
No, the purpose of the rosary is not to focus on one’s state, it is to focus on what the 15 mysteries have to say about Jesus and Mary.

Which would perhaps work out like suggestions, not about oneself this time, but about someone else and better - which could be good for the self to focus on while forgetting (at least for moments) oneself.

To other thread

Ellen Roepert
recreational hypnotist and subject
Written Jan 12
[omitted since on other thread]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 28
Would you also like to answer this one, I am out of requests?

What do the Islamic 99 names and the Catholic Rosary have to do with self-hypnosis?
[Link to this quora question]

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
Nothing. Catholicism and selfhypnosis are not related.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
OK … trance states do not occur in religion?

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
Trance states occur in religion, and in daily life. Hypnosis is just one possible trance state, and a very specific one. Other trance states are very common.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
AH, ok, you mean that trance while praying the Rosary is another type of trance than self hypnosis?

Perhaps a valid point, but does not mean they have nothing to do with each other.

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
Exactly, the trance a praying person may experience has nothing to do with hypnosis.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
If it is a trance, it has at least one thing in common with self hypnosis.

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
Reading a book and driving a car are also trance.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
Yes, but less deep than praying the Rosary.

In reading a book you are ready for new things coming on, in the Rosary you are already dealing with scenarios where the words have been cut down to essentials known beforehand.

Driving a car involves always being ready to get out of and redirect the trance, if needed.

In the Rosary you are also repeating words over and over again.

Ellen Roepert
Mar 29
I think you misunderstand what trance is. Trance is not being unaware of your surroundings or unable to take action immediately. Trance is simply focused attention.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mar 29
Which you have in the Rosary too.

Trance involves focussing attention onto things and therefore involves focussing attention off things.

In the Rosary you are more focussed off things other than what you are focussing on than in car driving or book reading.

IX quora : If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

Q I asked
If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

Own comment
Specifically : if one is sleeping outside, one is of course exposed to other people when going to sleep.

Cat Wilson
Do it. Teach it.
Written Jan 14
Stranger than what? (smile) Sorry, couldn't resist. We know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. How you naturally do it is how you created your response. Hypnosis requires:

  • permission
  • ability to follow instructions
  • process that fits you
  • sufficient time.

The person who feels safe with a Hypnotherapist may confidently let go and relax.

When you practice shooting a ball into a basket you get good at making baskets. Not so strange anymore … unless a clown with a bouquet of balloons walks by.



Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 14
Good first question, since I was not referring to a chosen hypnotherapist.

Like a stranger in the street or sth else, or perhaps sn one has met.

And I mean sn who could also induce forgetting the hypnotism, if so.

Michael DeBusk
Hypnotist since 1993
Written Jan 12
I think so. One of the easiest inductions I ever did was with a girl who was an avid meditator.

“Oh! So you already know how to go into a trance,” I said.

“Yes, I guess I do,” she responded.

“Then all I have to do is wait,” I told her. “When you begin now, I’ll join you.”

She went deeper than anyone I've worked with. She knew how, you see. She'd been there many times and was good at it. I needed only get out of her way.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 13
First, thank you for answering.

Second, the situation is somewhat different, since she had agreed to be hypnotised by you.

I meant like stealth hypnosis by strangers taking advantage of seing me at sleep or going to sleep or things like that.

Derry Cooke
Certified hypnotherapist in private practice since 2015.
Written Jan 14
All things being otherwise equal, then 'Yes!'

Hypnosis is a consent process and like any other skill, practice improves performance.

The rapport between hypnotist and subject and the expectations of the subject are more important determinants of the ease andquality of the hypnotic engagement.

Ellen Roepert
recreational hypnotist and subject
Written Jan 12
Yes and no. If you have practiced self hypnosis, then you know how to easily go into trance, with or without help. You also know how to wake up from trance, and how suggestions work on you.

That means you will find it easier to go into trance with any other hypnotist, and that you will find it easier to not go into trance, or wake up, when you don’t want to go into trance right now, because you don’t trust the hypnotist for example.

[Updated:] Hans-Georg Lundahl: If you’re asleep, you will not be hypnotised by anyone. You’re asleep, you can’t hear what they are saying.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
“If you’re asleep, you will not be hypnotised by anyone. You’re asleep, you can’t hear what they are saying.”

I meant first asleep, then woken up, then hypnotised while too groggy to resist or get angry.

Also, not quite true about light REM sleep?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
[comment linking to this post.]

Ellen Roepert
Why do you copy Quora to a blogger?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Why not?

Gives a neat oversight over each dialogue?

If you did not want any reproduced, you should have added the words “not for reproduction”.

I link back to quora (which is the quoran rules’ condition for reproducing) and also correctly attribute all contributions not my own.

V Requested
Alba Alamillo
Certified Hypnotherapist since 2006, I have a successful practice in the SF Area
Written Jan 15
I practice self-hypnosis, I know it’s super safe and even good because I feel great afterwards. If I go to a hypnotherapist because I want to be hypnotized, my knowledge about hypnosis will allow me relax, let go and cooperate. Assuming that I trust the person.

I have a super cute anecdote.

Hypnosis is so safe that one day I was teaching my son (maybe 10 at a time) how to hypnotize me. I said: “Son, you have to ask me to stare at a spot above eye level and tell me that my eyelids are getting heavy and when you see me kind of yawning I’m ready, then you tell me to lie down, close my eyes and then you only say nice things, like the ones that I say to you when I hypnotize you, but you have to adapt them to an adult woman”

ok, and off he went with the induction and then he asked me to lie down and relax my body, then he wasn’t sure what to say, what kind of nice things to say so after thinking for a while he said:

“and you are with your friends and family, and all the people who love you, and you are in a party, and in this party the food is ready and someone serves you and you eat and enjoy and you have fun with your friends and there are a lot of waiters bringing plates and taking them away, and they bring you your favorite food, and you are very happy because this time you don’t have to clean the kitchen…”

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Jan 16
I believe you.

The problem is, can self hypnosis have been abused by strangers I had not invited to do hypnotherapy for a fast induction, and following amnesia of hypnosis?

Especially in situations where I have been exposed to sleep privations.

Rusty Metty
Technical Consultant - UX
Written Jan 13
No. It depends on the hypnosis skills of the stranger. Hypnosis works on everyone. The stranger will need to accurately gauge the degree to which your conscious mind Protects your subconscious mind from suggestion. if you are able to self hypnotize there may be no need to seek a stranger With these skills.

Richie Aitoro
Hypnotist, writer, consultant and lover of change work.
Written Jan 13
Not necessarily unless you want to be.

Umair Usman
I developed the 'cognitive consulting' framework
Written Jan 12
In my experience they are totally different things

X Demons and hypnosis?

Last Frontier Medium

Hans-Georg Lundahl
A Wiccan who does a Wiccan ceremony is obviously opening a kind of door to demons.

If this Wiccan is also a hypnotist, if she does hypnosis videos, if a Christian watches them, is aware she is Wiccan, tries to counter that by praying both for her and before entering any hypnotic trance, are these precautions sufficient to counter from himself also opening a door to the demons by doing so?

I ask, because I am in the situation, and if you wonder why I would be going to hypnosis videos anyway, it's a matter of repose (I am homeless and get shoved away more and more which leads to more and more sleep privation) and also of getting around to not be quite as freewilled and not as sinful in masturbation, in some way or other, when it comes, which it does because I am still not married.

By the way, I could easily have been under a spiritual attack before actually going on to watch them, because I lost my miraculous medallion last week. Don't remember the exact day, not quite sure, but rather so, it was before or after watching the first of the hypnosis videos - before actually going back into a trance.

So, no, to me trances are not primarily a spiritual, but simply a carnal pleasure, in absence of better and more normal things - except in so far as prayer itself involves trance.

Excuse me, are you a practising Christian or a medium?

[Last added after actually noticing the name of the channel.]

XI 29.III.2017

Initial statement, 15:44:

Resuming, yesterday.


Tried to doze off with some eyelid flutter to music I was hearing anyway.

Failed. Completed a composition, while awake after that.

Later evening

Wanted to doze off in train, couldn't, was interrupted by two Evangelicals preaching.


Found a place to sleep.

Tried to stare first on street lamps.

After eyelids closed, did a triple arm raise with each time Katherine Anne cutting the string.

Between two of them, or after third or both, I tried the "eyelid glue" and failed to open very brilliantly.

After third time, I don't think I needed much counting before really dozing off, BUT ... had seen her face floating like a Cheshire cat (remember, I only saw her on video, so this is my fantasy while doing self hypnosis) and this time with canines, but not as a vampire, as a shapeshifting kitten.

First try to sleep, I had to wake up again and reclose eyes after a prayer, since a girl I love had her head flying off and turning into a vampire skull, and since after I closed my eyelids again, I first saw one of the Evangelicals in my imagination, and I didn't wnat to go homoerotic.


Touched the erection a bit too much to avoid ejaculation totally, so had to change trousers in shower and probably stank on train.

Sorry, Katherine Anne, if this is awkward, like if you are married.

Also, tried Katherine Anne's count up.

"... wide awake!"

Joking, or what?

If I were married to her, I think she might wake me up some mornings:

"1, 2, 3 ... wide awake"

And me : "that's not even funny!"

Day yesterday : did manage to not watch hypnosis videos with sound, but did many hypnosis videos sound off as study.

Today: and with heaviness of eyelids and with nudging my nose, I wondered how much I was fuelling a future trigger for rapid zonk out if she'd like one. Also thought of her using the gesture of drinking water as a zonk out to Brian, while I was drinking water.

29.III.2017 hypno journal, if addtions
3/29/17 at 3:47 PM
[see above, note typo]

3/29/17 at 4:18 PM
And yes, here is one addition 16:12, with sleep privation and hypno lag I do have drooping eyelids and I am preparing to use it as a trigger this night (a tactic working wonderfully yesterday, as said).

And I'd love a hypno video with a power nap right now, but can't have it.

Will perhaps be off to where I can scan composition and get it online.

On the plus side, it is boosting my creativity (like alpha state from Rosary and like full dose of REM sleep would).

I just wrote a funny answer on quora:


Meawnhile, were was I ... yes, lost my orientation at least twice today. If someone observed me and were not aware of (or wilfully ignored) my autohypnosis experiments, I might easily get stamped as schizo.

One more reason, not so much against hypnosis (or perhaps yes, but I am biassed) as against that fake diagnosis.

I may add where I slept was not the most quiet place possible.

A sheltered porchway, yes, this in a side street, yes, BUT the side street was one to a very traficated street.

Using noise as hypno trigger? Perhaps did. But this does not mean it could not have distrupted sleep other parts of the night.

3/29/17 at 8:11 PM
20:11 Kept myself from hypno videos.

Saw lots of other stuff.

XII 30.III.2017

Yesterday evening.

Had only one hour internet, no hypnosis video (or had I one?).

Saw video on religious theme.*

At "bed time" (with disturbances) I let God take over. If it was God, which I can hope.

No details, though I'd answer to a priest.

No ban on hypnosis, no conversion.

Woke up.

Too early. Had to take the train back and forth for two hours to get some repose and even so had to sleep on the lawn after a first internet session, where hypnosis got overweight - as happens during hypno binges like this one.

* Video:

Satanist to Christian {UNBELIEVABLE TESTIMONY}
Benn K. Joe

Should further comments make my own inaccessible, I saved mine well accessible here:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... Satanist to Christian

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

III Continuing Journal March 27 2017

KA, starting monday 27.III.2017
3/27/17 at 9:17 AM
Monday 27.III

Leaving out some torrid stuff, since Katherine Anne could be married (that might be one reason why she stopped making the videos).

Yesterday evening in a laundry, I used this "self" induction, "day dreaming" about her:

KA : you go down the stairs, I am counting 1 ... 2 and 3 ... etc to 10.

Which I imagined doing.

Then, this:

Me : 100
KA : You go to sleep now
Me : 99
KA : You go to sleep now
Me : 98
KA : You go to sleep now ...

I don't recall coming down to 70, and I was woken up so must have slept.

Finding a new place, I reused the latter several times over, since people were coming and going.

This morning I tried to reuse it, but thought the better of it after verifying it really was morning.

Since then, on and off, suffering some sleepiness, including a kind of hypnotic hangover, image of KA recurring and me shaking it off (or trying to) as if trying to shake off sleepiness. Can relate to certain scenes in The Silver Chair - lady of the Green Kirtle obviously having abused hypnosis, and Rilian obviously having a similar physical sensation.

Should I see a hypno video with someone else as an antidote or let it happen? (written 9:12 and I woke somewhat before 7 sth after regaining sleep between 22:30 and midnight, not sure when).

Anyway, trying to leave off looking at her video today.

C. S. Lewis must have had some experience with hypnosis, since he could both accurately describe shaking off a hypnotic hangover in the Silver Chair and programming to wake up later as Tirian did in The Last Battle. That one I tried yesterday morning, was trying to get down 7:45 - 55 sth and hoping to wake up 8:30. Went down after 8:05 and woke up 8:25 - refreshed for the next hour, but it did not stop the sleep lag from tiring me down as to disability in conversation or tiredness from listening to that of others.

Above mentioned nap for the night was not the sole nap yesterday after that, I took one in the afternoon as well. Hypnotically, so as to get some rest, or at least tried to.

3/27/17 at 10:06 AM
10:06 still fighting a kind of hypnotic hangover ...

3/27/17 at 11:26 AM
11:25 and still KA hovering above my eyelids, from time to time while I do other things - tonight, IF I do autohypnosis, the suggestion will be fortified by hours of preparation, it would be ending a fight of hours, not of just two minutes, to give in ...

3/27/17 at 11:58 AM
11:55 feeling fairly irritated at:

  • drooping eyelids
  • feeling half horny
  • Katherine Anne's face popping up in my mind (even she in her bad mood)
  • AND me being in a public library where I can't give in!

I recall that tactic of her suggesting to Brian he feels guilt and frustration at not being completely zonked out all the 24 hours ... frustration works as an enforcement of suggestions, I am "afraid" (not that I don't enjoy it, and yes, here KA's face snickering sweetly)

3/27/17 at 12:27 PM
12:22 Doggedly struggling on, soothing the pain of not- giving in by imagining how sweet it will be to give in tonight.

If I get to it.

Reflecting why marriage is better than chocolate and heaven is better than hypnosis.

When you are in bed with husband or wife (I imagine), and say "can I have some more", you will not be sad to hear "me too".

When you are obeying God in Heaven, and enjoying that, you are not fearing that who you are obeying will become an idol separating you from God and damning you.

And now, not married, not having chocolate since it is a monday in Lent and outside my meals, not being hypnotised since in a library and even so being wake hypnotised by enforcing hypnotic pre-induction with every time I nudge finger onto side of nose or every struggle I have to go through, I notice that I have other things to do and they do not quite take my mind off this going over and over again through my mind ...

3/27/17 at 12:40 PM
12:39 done with what I was doing, thinking of going out and taking a sleep ... or perhaps just out and take a coffee, sparing possible hypnotic bliss for later.

[Sparing = saving, I'm Swedish and in Swedish and German the word for "save" except when it means rescue is "spara"/"sparen".]

3/27/17 at 1:11 PM
13:10 probably spent most of half hour since then watching parts and clips of hypnosis videos ... sound off.

Trying to avoid KA, but not quite succeeding.

3/27/17 at 2:01 PM
AND at 13:59, I have been reading answers on quora about hypnosis and selecting videos to watch later ...

Creative Life, Kelli von Heydekampf, Guided Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis Talkdown with Michelle: A Day At The Beach ... not to mention quora, of course.

You see why back in 2014 I labelled this kind of thing a hypno binge?

3/27/17 at 3:04 PM
Wondering how many Pentecostal "things" (not always labelled as miracle, but often as deliverance) have something to do with a hypnotic preparation.

Thank God that that is NOT what I am building my faith on, and hope whoever is concerned has better intellectual reasons for Christianity than such experiences.

3/27/17 at 4:25 PM
By the way, this night also, not a trace of dreaming, as in sleep dreaming, of KA meeting me on street or hypnotising me.

Did some looking over psalms and it seems not only were Medieval monks praying them in an alpha state, but the psalmists themselves were doing so.

Happy he who feareth the Lord?

I saw a hypno video in which subjects were thoroughly fearful of the hypnohammer - and thoroughly happy when it hit them.

Happiness in heaven and a state of grace while on earth are at least related to the smile of a hypnotic subject.

3/27/17 at 4:27 PM
And yes, what I wanted to write now was sth else, this thing is a bit distracting.

Here we go.

We dream about things we have habits of attending to at night. One thing I dreamt about this night was timelines overlapping with each other, dynasties or whatever, and centuries going from Christ to c. 913 AD or sth.

That should tell you one of my interests, and I could have been dreaming about Yngling dynasty or sth starting way up North with Odin and Frey a little before the Birth of Christ.

3/27/17 at 5:35 PM
17:34 still more hypno videos ...

3/27/17 at 6:43 PM
18:42 at least not feeling drooping eyelids the last hours ... but of course getting familiar with other triggers.

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