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XIX Personal Hypno Dictionary

This little hypno-dictionary does not claim to be exhaustive, but to reflect the usage I have made and will make of certain words, which may not be commonly known outside hypnotic expertise and amateurs. Whatever might be wrong is my misunderstanding, but at least if I misunderstood a term, with this dictionary, one will not need to misunderstand my misunderstandings.

alpha state

See trance.


A number is chosen from which numbers are counted down to one. Since ine is a non-arbitrary limit, this gives an impression of necessity to what is intended to be achieved:

  • into trance
  • into sleep
  • out of trance (along with appropriate suggestions)

If instead a count-up is chosen, the number one will reach must be told in advance for same effect. Unless it is going to sleep (counting sheep would be an indeterminate count-up).


The strength of suggestions to alter a state of mind depends at least to some degree on expectation.

This is true when suggestions are used in induction, or when they are used afterwards (deepening of trance, post-hypnotc, therapeutic, etc).

eye-lid glue

Mental image if impossibility in the present of opening your eyes along with a degree of relxation at which the eye-lids cannot in fact be opened - without spoiling at least some of the relaxation.

Verifying the eye-lid glue means subject / self trying to open eye-lids and either feeling a complete block ("excellent eye-lid glue") or at least more effort than usual while awake - or, if just opening eye-lids, one can speak of no eye-lid glue at all.

hypno glue, hypno magnet

See eye-lid glue, but not always for just eye-lids (with "magnets" more like hands, fingers).

hypno glutton

Glutton of alpha state or of trance, due to its being pleasant.

In extreme cases, one could speak of hypno junkie.

hypno video

  • A video meant as an induction or series of suggestions in order to hypnotise viewer:

  • or, a video featuring someone getting hypnotised.

The latter can strengthen the expectation (q. v.) part, and empathy with subject involves, esp. in induction (q. v.) a kind of "collateral hypnosis".


Passive or self active process of reaching trance.

Active or self active process of putting a subject other than self or oneself into trance.

May make use of suggestions (q. v.) of hypno glue, especially initially eye-lid glue, and of countdowns and stepdowns.

self, subject

In auto-hypnosis, self is both hypnotist and subject, in hetero-hypnosis hypnotist is putting subject into trance.


When a count-down is combined with mental image (eyes closed) stepping down in stairs or on a ladder or whatever.


A word meant to help induction or to be "received" while in trance.

In the case of hypno videos, you can check beforehand (sound off, image scrolled up so only subtitles show, frequent stopping) what the suggestions are and therefore make an enlightened choice on whether to watch the hypno video or not.


State of consciousness focussed on something and lessening awareness of surroundings, which on an electro-encephalogram (electrodes measuring brain waves, which in nature are among perhaps other things, electric or electromagnetic) would show as a pattern of waves called alpha-waves, sometimes deeper trance involves other patterns for instance I think theta waves (checked : hippocampal theta waves occur while running or in REM sleep) : it means the electric currents run at different frequencies in your brain from "normal", neither like wide awake nor like deep sleep, but closer to (for theta waves identic to) REM sleep. The alpha state is generally present between the full REM sleep when you dream and the full wakening and is helpful in recalling your dream (?).

The states of trance is at least lightly touched when reading a book or in prayer, due to repetitive traits of these actions, and due to focussing on sth which is felt worth focussing on.

It is usually also present right before falling asleep.


Any mental image, these are usually stronger and closer to full sensory clarity when in trance.

Step-downs, eye-lid glue and other hypno magnets are visualisations, but not the only ones.

q. v.

Quod vide. Means : which look up / go and look it up.

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