Thursday, 28 June 2018

XX - Resuming Journal 2018

Week after St John the Baptist, starting:

Monday : last video after I turn off my youtube connection a hypno video.

Getting from Ivry to inside Paris, I decide to "go down" and count stations so as to wake up in time for changing the train.

I was a few stations in, decided there were thirteen ... woke up after "nine/ten" which turned out to be eight, then went down for five more of them.

Not down as completely asleep, but reducing attention to all except - counting the times the train bleeped, closed doors and went off.

Tried the same on the other train, and decided a change when I woke ... after being at Nanterre University Library, short time, and picknicking, I went onto another train, and after another picknick, I used a countdown to go to sleep. Alas, as often with a first autohypnosis, pscc.

Tuesday : clearly awake and doing stuff, like some sewing, I had been putting off. Also ate too sweet.

Wednesday : was in a bad shape after eating too sweet the night before, went to a park at probably no later than 10:15, woke up at probably no earlier than 11:30 or 11:45. What had I been doing? A countdown from 377 to, when I broke off, 190.

Was that all? No, I checked, that would have been 28 seconds per number, so, I must have been doing some dozing off too. I didn't recall actually waking up as from sleep, just waking up as from trance and counting, bc I got tired of it.

Watched some hypno videos when I had a chance, but broke off - bc cyber owner was talking to guys somewhat loudly.

Tried to do a countdown while going asleep, fell asleep before counting very much.

Thursday : doing some more hypnovideos, including this one:

Monika Hypnotized: Suggestibility Tests & Induction
Hypnotized Girls Videos | 26.III.2018

Watching without sound, just seeing the girl (not a top model, but pretty).

Continued after posting above and putting link below video. Breathed in time with her, relaxed myself too - though not closing my eyes and not dropping the head, nor laughing. Watching someone hypnotised tends to have at least some hypnotic effect.

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