Saturday, 6 May 2017

XVIII What I would NOT want Hypnosis Used for

Blog 37 (of those visible to others, one is a draft blog which is not yet presented), and message 18. A creepy number.

If you know the kind of suggestion after which subject has 11 fingers on both hands because one number was forgotten, I would not want to forget number 5 - as in the five mysteries of each third of the Rosary or the five pebbles of King David against Goliath.

I would also not want to find myself counting to 8 fingers, because I repeated 6 twice before going on. Obviously.

I would not want to forget my name, still less to be made to act as if having another one.

I would not want to be made to fall in love, even temporarily, with a man, or when I am in love with someone, with someone else.

I would very obviously not want total slave control.

So, there are things hypnosis can be abused for, some seriously abused any way you look at it, some clearly beyond what I would like.

But I also tend to think, since alpha state is a part of normal life, it would be bad to try to "vaccinate against it" too. One time I wondered if Mark of the Beast was a hypnotic state, one time more recently I wondered if a "vaccine against hypnosis" could be it (and could explain "will find no rest neither night nor day").

So, I would also not want to be hypnotised against being able to be hypnotised.

I would also not consider someone as a witch worthy of death penalty just for practising hypnosis (abortion is quite another matter).

In this, I agree, probably, with the Spanish Inquisitor who ended witch burning after the ones in 1610, Zugarrumurdi. 18 persons had repented, 6 had been burned, 5 had escaped and were burned in effigie. After that the Inquisitor following up came to ask whether features of witchcraft as confessed were even possible to the Devil (i e changing someone's body to that of an animal for instance), so he concluded it was imagination - i e hypnosis.

This means, he considered hypnosis in and of itself not worthy of death penalty.

Some guys (like the judges in Salem) might differ. Some could try to make a market for "vaccine against hypnosis" and I hope I would not take it.

But generally, I think Mark of the Beast would be other things, like RFid Chip or things. Or perhaps, certain ideological habits of thought and acting./HGL

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