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XVII Updates After Good Friday to 6.V.2017

Have been doing very fine as to getting to sleep, often doing without hypno craving, but getting myself a moderate dose of it* through out April, usually by auto before going to bed, either leaving it to God or allowing Katherine Anne or Alicia Fairclough to step in.

Night to Easter Monday, it led to so great relaxation, when waking up, I abused myself.

On Easter Monday I did listen to Alicia Fairclough's rapid induction :

Can you be hypnotised with a rapid induction?
Alicia Fairclough

And while it was very comforting, I am concerned it contained a factual untruth, even if not a doctrinal heresy.

I am not respected by everybody, even if later that day it actually helped me to have felt that way.

But shows level of what I can "swallow" without criticism is a bit too malleable. I didn't jerk out of trance when she said everyone respects me. Watched some more Fairclough, but not a hypno one, and am glad I heard of her trouble using hypnosis for relaxation, and taking to sensory deprivation tank instead. Every weakness is welcome, as reminding me, however much anyone of these may help me, they are human, not goddesses, and need my prayers, in a general way.**

Have not been coming back to full regularity of Rosary. But have been praying it on and off, most weeks at least some days.

Have been entrusting my alpha state (esp before going to sleep) explicitly to God. Asking Him to repair what needs repair and maintain what needs to be maintained in me, rather than trying some repair on my own judgement.

Was prevented from watching this one:

Hypnosis for sleep - Creativity Boost ASMR POV (Female Hypnotist - Pocket watch induction)
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

Except first minutes.

Was later glad, since it was not meant to wake up from, like the two others, but to "consume" before going to sleep. Left comment:

I was nearly going to watch this in a non-home setting, where I would not be able to go to sleep after the session.

Later I watched parts of text (subtitles, sound off), tried to adapt it to my self hypno sessions (trains or "bed").

Sitting from porch was a great visualisation.

Later watched more (subtitles, sound off), and reacted against "rag doll" and discarded the video from my program.

Last few nights, tried a lucid dream technique for going to sleep : after "eyelid glue" (if you know what I mean), I visualised a mirror, putting my hand through it, finding myself in starry space (alternative, it may be on a lake, finding myself seeing stars and night with waves coming out from a centre) and going on from there to - sleep and dream.

Took two tries at rewatching Katherine Anne, yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I was very interrupted by someone who was loud beside me in cyber café, today less so, since they only got loud beneath.

After rewatching interactive induction:

Interactive Induction

(interrupted yesterday, less so today, as said), I watched also (today):

Update!!...and a little covert hypno.....

before going on to non-hypno videos.

When leaving and after train, I felt some eyelid "irritation" (not itching, but "itching to drop", if you know what I mean).

Was before train feeling somewhat depressed or oppressed, and wondering whether this was spiritually dangerous.

Decided to leave it to God.

Under second of Katherine Anne ones, left this remark, replying to one question not previously answered by me which she had posed in video:

Hair style ... Mary Poppins? Btw, would you mind going through the books of P. L. Travers and see which ones of the "magical" experiences would be possible to experience by hypnosis? Could you make someone think he and you were floating in the air just under the ceiling, as long as you were laughing? I am asking, because I wonder whether that was what PLT experienced with Gurdjeff - much nearly "a monk" but who went into yoga and possibly hypnosis too.

And misspelled Gurdjieff as Gurdjeff, when doing so.

Other indication of this making me perhaps a bit distracted, I found more money in my pocket when leaving the city where I had been watching videos, than I thought I had, and yesterday I had missed some money which I had thought I had. Hypnotised twice to give and receive money and forget about it and about hypnotist each time? That is one of the situations I was wondering about in this post:

IX quora : If one practises self hypnosis, is it easier to be hypnotised by a stranger?

While I think these ladies are doing some real good, I also think it is sad the times are so stressful they are needed./HGL


* Or what I take to be moderate. I might be a hypno glutton.

** In a general way : I am wary about praying for too specific things, which might be totally what they least need or want.


Here is an example of real situations being so stressful - and there come many of them - that I am driving to resort to hypnosis for extra rest and calm:

Library computer had all movements ultra slow and mouse click and bluing jumping - after a night woken up just after falling back to sleep after having left bank locale to pee. And after that, new place I was kept awake and was too full in the stomach to enter a hypnotic state, was awake some hours more, one or two at least.

It is not as if I had been lacking sleep due to endogenic insomnia, it is about being woken up. Perhaps in some places and times by people wanting me to seek out hypnotic relief.

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