Friday, 14 April 2017

XVI Update on Good Friday

Night to Maundy Thursday, God telling me to use Katherine Anne and let Him do it tomorrow.

Peaceful place, uncomfortable position though. I recall coming down to 30's on a countdown from 100 "with her", and then loosing track and still not being asleep.

When I woke up, I had dreamt of playing volley ball with Rob Skiba II of all people, noticed I had a hard on, found this inappropriate and set out to instead think of this girl I love.

Night to Good Friday, me reminding God ...

After I had been twice disturbed by people angry at my sleeping in a bank locale which was closed, I asked God to do it, was some sorry for not directly obeying and sleeping when God told me sleep, did the breathing and was clearly not awake another minute at least not two.

After I was woken up and had to find another place, I was again disturbed before going to sleep and still not angry enough to be awake for long. Woke up around seven. And when I was horny I was thinking about the girl, as I should.

God - Katherine Anne : 2 - 1.

Seriously, asking God to take care of your sleep is a much better thing than meddling with autohypnosis. In that latter case, you can get caught up in a pleasant alpha state which would have been better used for praying, and which could even be more exhausting than reposing, if there is some lust mixed with it. I won't give Katherine Anne a zero, I did fall asleep, alpha state is pleasant if prolonged, but ...

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