Saturday, 28 July 2018

XXV - Alicia helps to set a goal?

Amazing Eye Fixation Induction Hypnosis
Alicia Fairclough | 23.III.2014

3:42 - where cyber owner got up into the upper room with connections.

Some consider, if you have schizophrenia, you should not be hypnotised, wonder if some, behind my back, are giving me a reputation ... and acting accordingly, when I try to watch hypno videos.

Repeated after he went down, will see if I get the goal I saw myself set on ...

Next day
Well, let's see.

Visualised goal : cut up the lower part of brown shorts, former brown trousers, cut up shirt to make part of it lower part of renaissance trousers (slits in a baggy formation) and other part Medieval capuchon.

Obstacle : shirt has, below the embroidery on the back with my URL


too short a length to make the capuchon decently high and the renaissance trousers decently long.

Instead, I mended a hole in the brown shorts - by making the shorts even shorter. - if you are interested.

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