Friday, 3 August 2018

XXVI - Why I Thought Hypnosis Demonic

There was a time in my teens when I did lots of autohypnosis. Then there was a time in my early twenties, when I quit that. I thought it demonic.


Lies. The devil is the father of lies, so if induction depends on lies, it is demonic.

Now, it does not actually.

"You cannot open your eyelids, even if you try" is strictly true about a certain degree of relaxation, it would seem. One could if one tried hard enough - and trying hard enough is exactly getting out of the state of relaxation agreed on in advance one wanted to reach.

So, still, it would be more correct to say "if you've done everything right, you cannot open your eyelids" - but in a live situation, the hypnotist can verify that the subject has done everything right and so need not really say the first part.

Hence, hypnosis is not necessarily demonic on this account.

Of course, you may argue, since I am back to using hypnosis for relaxation, I have an ulterior motive, beyond the possible or to me probable truth of above observation./HGL

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